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 An eating disorder - any of a range of psychological disorders characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits. You may have just a few poor food habits that play out once in a while. However, your habits can become an eating disorder that easily ruins your life! Such a condition is not always apparent from the start. You may have and pay no attention to the habits that are really destructive. Thus, this eating disorder quiz is meant to highlight whether you have specific symptoms of this disorder or not. This is not an official alleviation, just a small test to point to the need for a healthy diet and proper eating habits. If you get a positive result on this quiz, it’s a nudge towards your examination of your relationship with food. If you find that it controls your life instead of the other way around, you may need to consult with your close ones and a certified professional. 

An Eating Disorder Test Origins

do i have an eating disorder quiz
An eating disorder is not something that you are born with. It can come to people at different stages of life. Of course, the most susceptible groups are kids and teens. This is the time when we are still developing and finding ourselves. Teens face a variety of issues daily. This is truly a hard time that may result in an eating disorder if a child doesn’t find an outlet for their emotions and doesn’t feel family support. Food is a constant in our lives that can be easily turned into a weapon of sorts. Plus, teenagers are easily affected by the society and opinions of their peers and idols. And, unfortunately, many modern beauty standards lead to all sorts of eating disorders. Teens are vulnerable. Yes, some of them are rebels, but many follow the stereotypes shown in fashion magazines, by social media influencers, celebrities, and so on! In the end, most people think about changing something in themselves from time to time. And while plastic surgery is not an ordinary commodity, food is. Girls usually suffer from the biggest pressure. As a result, statistics report that females have a bigger chance of developing an eating disorder. While, in any case, the ideals shown to us are all fake and photoshopped. 

Do I Have Eating Disorder if I’m Not Anorexic?

disordered eating quiz
While this quiz considers the most popular form of eating disorders, this is far from the whole spectrum. In fact, many people suffering from the disorder have standard weight or are overweight. We cannot limit the problem to only one aspect of it. That is why many people don’t even suspect they may have a disorder. If they are not anorexic, it’s okay. No, that is far from the truth! People of all ages and all appearances may have an eating disorder and require help. You need to pay attention to all your loved ones and friends. They may need your help but are too stubborn to ask for it! For now, you can also check for the signs of depression in this quiz: Am I Depressed

A Fast Eating Disorder Quiz Everybody Needs Questions

eating disorder test Have you noticed troubles with your concentration lately?
  • yes, a lot!

  • it's somewhat worse, yes

  • no, it's okay

eating disorder test Do you often diet to loose weight?
  • yes, almost constantly

  • several times a year

  • rarely

  • not restricting food, just eating healthy

eating disorder test What is your body type?
  • ectomorph

  • endomorph

  • mesomorph

  • I have no idea

eating disorder test Can you go 24 hours without eating?
  • yes, easily

  • only if I have no other choice

  • no, it would be very hard for me

  • is it for a bet?

eating disorder test What's your BMI?
  • blue - underweight

  • green - healthy

  • yellow - overweight

  • orange/red - obese

eating disorder test Do you prefer cardio or resistance training?
  • cardio

  • resistance

  • no matter, I do both anyway

eating disorder test How often do you use laxatives or diuretics?
  • regularly

  • sometimes

  • rarely

  • only in medical purposes

eating disorder test Do you ever faint?
  • yes, several times a month

  • sometimes, a couple of times a year

  • it was just once or twice in my life!

eating disorder test Vomiting after eating?
  • only in case of poisoning

  • it's okay to do sometimes

  • no way, I'm not doing that!

  • I've done it once or twice, that's all

food test Do you have a regular menstruation cycle?
  • yes, it's fairly regular

  • no, it's not regular

  • I'm already missing a few cycles

  • I'm not supposed to have menstruations at all

food test Do you have lots of bulky closes?
  • yes, almost all my outfits are bulky and oversized

  • a fair share, but it's treandy right now

  • a few

  • no, almost none

food test Do you ever feel shame after eating?
  • yes, often

  • sometimes

  • on a rare occasion; when I eat lots of junk food

  • no

food test How often do you exercise?
  • every day!

  • 4-5 times a week

  • 2-4 times a week

  • a couple times a month top

food test Do you ever have cheat days when you lazy around and eat anything you want?
  • yes

  • no

food test Do you hoard food?
  • yes, all the time

  • just a couple of sweets in bedroom

  • no

eating disorder quiz Do you lately refuse to meet your friends?
  • sometimes, yes 

  • no, I'm always glad to hang out 

  • yes, constantly 

food test Do you have aversion for food? (for certain kinds, textures, smells, etc? )
  • yes, for several kinds of food

  • just for a couple of products

  • no

  • for food in general

food test Is your body image a big part of your self-esteem?
  • yes, the biggest

  • it's an important part, but not the biggest

  • no, many other things matter more

food test Do you have cavities and teeth discoloration?
  • no

  • yes

food test Is stomach pain a regular occurrence for you?
  • yes, regular

  • not as much as regular, just occasional

  • no, its very rare

  • yes, but I have a medical condition

food test Do you often binge eat?
  • yes, rather often

  • on occasion

  • rarely, when I'm in a bad mood or something like that

  • I never binge eat, that's not  healthy

food test Do you ever order food just to take nice pics but don't eat it?
  • yes! I do that often

  • not deliberately; it may just taste awful

  • I've done it only a couple of times

food test Look at your knuckles....
  • they are a bit scarred

  • they are smooth

food test Do you feel comfortable when eating with other people?
  • no, not at all

  • only with close people

  • yes, I see no problem in that

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