Game of Thrones House Quiz: Choose Your Family

GoT House

In this Game of Thrones Houses quiz, I've gathered some of the books' most prominent families. Such incredible power in one quiz has the potential to destroy Westeros or save it from the White Walkers!

Jokes aside, we would like to become a part of some powerful Westeros family and join the fun. Of course, Planetos is dangerous and you have to execute great caution to stay alive up to the end of the seasons, but what fun it would be. For now, let's imagine that you've got transferred to Westeros during the more peaceful times; what family would you belong to? There's no chance we would be commoners in such supernatural circumstances, so let's join the mighty lords and ladies of the realm.


What Westeros' events are short of Lannisters? None! They are the mighty family who knows how to play the game, rule, and enrich their wellness. And it has a great choice of known characters. Tywin may be a cruel character but is wise and powerful. He knows to honor the family and keep it strong no matter what. Cercei is beautiful and cunning. Tyrion is wise, just like his father. And Jaime undergoes one of the most drastic character development journeys of all, more so in books.


The noblest of all is Stark. Before their downfall, Starks were practically royalty in the region that takes half of the continent. Moreover, they were, and are, respected, not feared. Starks come in different shapes and characters. Thus, they have the most diversity in their ranks, especially as they grow up.


Well, a GoT quiz could not be complete without Targaryens, right? There is something fascinating about this family that many fans would like to uncover. Their ancestry is covered in mystery and fantastic dragons. Their beauty is superior, but the grain of madness still runs in the family. What a powerful House to be born into.


Despite being quite a distant House from all the trouble, they are the Éminence grise of the show, with plots and cunning schemes running around. This is yet another family to have roots in Esos and a fascinating story of conquering Westeros. They are royals in their own region. If you have a free spirit, this Game of Thrones family is for you.


Another epitome of nobility, at least before Lysa and Robin, Arryn is a family name with millennia of gathered power over a central region in the realm. "As High as Honor" puts a heavy burden to be the protectors and rulers. If you are up for the task, welcome to a fairly uncomplicated family.


Freys are a rather controversial House. After all, we cannot judge all children based on Walder. Some of them may be kind and loyal; at least Roslin has a gentle nature. However, this family gives you an opportunity to succeed in life due to the Twins' strategic placement.

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