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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 11 months ago
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 Hamilton is a magnificent masterpiece. This musical lives in the hearts of many fans across the globe. Thanks to the “movie” recording of the performance, we can now watch enjoy the musical without visiting Broadway. And that greatly determined the international popularity of the title. Created by the famous actor, composer, and writer (I won’t say who; it’s n the quiz!), Hamilton is more than a historical piece. Although, yes, Hamilton as a figure is fascinating, the modern creative mind of the author made it an enjoyable piece even for those fans who like more lighthearted performances. In addition, Hamilton’s unique musical style fusion is praised by international critics. And, now, it’s become a stamp of the highest quality. If you are a Hamilton fan, welcome to this trivia quiz! This is where you can show just how well you know the musical. You can also share the results on social media to boast before your friends. We support it here! After all, if you don’t praise yourself, who will? We will! If you get the highest score possible, you are definitely a Hamilton guru! You deserve all the praise there is! The whole community will be in awe. 

Hamilton Quiz Basics

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Okay, before you go off to show your ultimate knowledge, let’s cover some important basics. There is only one correct answer to each question. Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t allow for multiple-answer questions. Thus, you have to be 100% sure about your answers! Note that you’ll have an opportunity to check all your answers after you complete the quiz. You’ll see the correct and wrong answers. And you’ll be able to watch your favorite musical once more to refresh your knowledge. I wish you all the luck with this quiz and hope you can get the highest-tier results. 

Simal to Hamilton Trivia

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