Gryffindor House Trivia: Hard Edition

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 12 months ago
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The Wizarding World lore is complex and rich. Potterheads get to enjoy incredible movies, the best book series in the world, exciting Beasts pre-story, fandom portals with new articles and the world’s history, and cool games. We are truly blessed to be in love with a universe that continues to expand. Gathering all those pieces of information, I’ve prepared the ultimate Gryffindor quiz to check how well you know the House of the Boy Who Lived himself!! And our favorite Golden Trio, of course, we can’t forget about Harry’s “right and left hand” friends in this story. While I prefer to see the Houses as a united front, we all know that Gryffindor is the first one that everybody likes simply because Harry is in it. When reading the books for the first time (or movies), we all got the family feeling from Gryffindor as it was the first real home for Harry. There is no denying that Gryffindor has a special place in the hearts of all Potterheads. And that is why we all know so much about the House of the Lion, its history, and notable members. 

Before Potter 

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has a long thousand-year history. Among the founders, Godric Gryffindor was the bravest! His sense of honor was so great that this wizard used a sword while fighting muggles to be on the same level as them. As a result, Godric chose students alike, brave and courageous. He was undoubtedly a great wizard possessing strong magic. And everything about his appearance, from impressive build to his wild beard to his fair personality, was bigger than life! Though we don’t really know about Godric’s sense of humor, I suspect him a cheerful person considering how boisterous this Hogwarts House can be! 

The Golden Times 

Gryffindor, during the ’90s, is a fun, cheerful, and homely place. Was it so before Harry? Sure! But its new 1991 additions are especially dear to our hearts! We see that everybody in Gryffindor is courageous at heart. It may be Harry that runs to trouble as if it’s an ice cream truck. It is also Neville that grows into his courage potential. But it is also Hermione with another, level-headed kind of bravery who accompanies all the rule-breaking while brainstorming the situation. Sometimes, Gryffindors are known to be hot-deaded. Is it brawn over brains for them? It certainly depends on a person! After all, there are all kinds of bravery hidden inside of us! 

Gryffindor Pride 

So, why do we love Gryffindor? Certainly not only because this is Harry’s House. Gryffindor is generally a good and friendly house. It is easy to become a welcomed part of it. The coziness of its Common room, those cheerful peers who are often into all kinds of pranks, and an impressive House spirit make this a great house for young wizards and witches. With all these jolly Gryffindor vibes in mind, let’s begin this Hogwarts House Quiz! Would you like to participate in Hogwarts Sorting Quiz?   

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