Ravenclaw House Quiz: Hard Edition

Ravenclaw quiz

Do you want to know the first thing a Potterhead thinks when meeting another Harry Potter fan? What is your House? But you probably already know this "little secret," considering you here to ace this Ravenclaw House quiz! There are no bounds for a Wizarding World's fan! We love everything about this story and have brought it to our real lives as well. Thus, we know Harry Potter, his friends, and the whole of Hogwarts often better than we know our families. Who cares about the jobs of your third cousins when you can learn the whole Black family tree by heart or know what Voldemort was doing in 1945?

It's a good thing that the community is so involved in the franchise. As a result of fan love, J.K.Rowling continues working on the wizarding world, and many international studios are interested in buying the rights for some adaptation. Thus, we get tons of new content to enjoy and to speculate on! Have you heard at least one of the numerous Harry Potter theories circulating on the web? Some of them are absurd, but many are fascinating and seem to fit the canon better than You-Know-What-Sequel. As a fair warning, we do not reference the Cursed Child as reliable canon material when working on these Harry Potter quizzes. In many ways, it contradicts the books and movies and simply does not fit the world.

On this joyful day, we are here to discuss the cleverest House of all, Ravenclaw. A few interesting facts about it:

  • Ravenclaw is surprisingly popular among Potterheads. Many are sorted into this House. 
  • Moreover, there is hardly a person who would be disappointed if sorted into Ravenclaw. This is a House nobody regrets, unlike the other three. 
  • Despite Hufflepuff's stereotypical claims of being the most underrepresented House of all, as of 2020, it is actually Ravenclaw. Hufflepuffs may be underestimated at times, but that does not mean that they are absent from the story. Believe me when I tell you that we know twice as much stuff about Hufflepuffs than Ravenclaws. After all, searching every little fact we know of all 4 "families" for this Harry Potter House quiz has shown me that we know drastically less about this intelligent House than a diligent Ravenclaw would like to. 

Reasons to be happy if you are sorted to Ravenclaw:

  1. Its awesome Head of the House. Filius Flitwick is a fantastic, chill professor who seems to be a skilled master in every field. He is obviously the best at charm, the best duelist, can masterfully deal with transfiguration and DADA, has creative sides, and is generally loved by students. Even Malfoy respects him! 
  2. Your Housemates. C'mon, who wouldn't like to befriend Luna? She is a fantastic person who can teach you lots of exciting stuff only she knows about! Besides, Ravenclaws are not only intelligent but also creative. Just think how many exciting individuals would be around you. 
  3. It means you are awesome - witty, creative, and wholesome. Besides, you already love reading books (probably even fanfics), learn everything about school (oh God!), and take tests in your free time. Can you really deny your Ravenclaw side? 

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