A legen- How I Met Your Mother -dary Quiz


This How I Met Your Mother quiz is meat for the hardcore fans who’ve watched the series at least several times. We’ll discuss some details that a regular person might have missed. Of course, you could’ve missed them when watching HIMYM for the first time as well. 

Are you ready to dive deep into the plot and character stories of HIMYM? I assure you that you’ll have to strain your memory to remember all the details. But the satisfaction of getting the highest result, in the end, will be worth it all! 

A quick question: when was the last time you’ve watched the show? For me, it was a couple of weeks ago in preparation for the quiz. I hope you remember all the seasons well. 

What Is This HIMYM Trivia Quiz About? 

The questions in this test will cover the whole show, from the pilot to the final blue horn appearance in the series. You should watch all the seasons beforehand to be able to pass the quiz successfully. 

The question will also be focused both on the main characters 

  • Ted 
  • Lily 
  • Marshall
  • Robin 
  • Barney 

And some of the minor characters that are so notable in the show. 

There will be 20 questions about various aspects of the show. And you’ll be given four possible answers. You’ll have to choose only one. There are no questions with multiple correct answers! Remember that!

The test will touch upon the personal lives of our characters, plus some significant plot changes and development. 

How I Met Your Mother Characters 

This is a tricky question, but who is your favorite character? I’ll go first. 

For me, the best character on the show is Lily. She is a self-sufficient woman (except for one finance-related drawback). She is the glue of the group. It’s her warm heart that holds all these people together. After all, they are a very diverse group of people. But she somehow manages to unite them all. 

To my mind, Lily is often underestimated. On many occasions, she’s shown how loyal of a friend she is. She is free-spirited and has her dreams set up straight. Besides, you just can’t argue with her. Lily is a force of nature if she sets her eyes on something.

I like other characters as well, but I just feel closer to Lily than to the rest. Half of the reason is probably that I’m a woman. A small share - I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But her character here deserves praise as well. 

But my question remains - what is your favorite character? It is Marshall or Barney/ I just know we’ve got some Barney fans here! They are everywhere. I’m one of them myself. 

No, let’s begin the quiz. We’ve talked bout the show for too long. 

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