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Kitchener Essence Quiz is designed to help you identify your personal fashion style. Its primary focus lies in identifying your 'style essence' - a unique blend of physical characteristics and personality traits that dictate the type of clothing lines and dressing styles you naturally gravitate toward.

It all started with David Kibbe identifying 5 main style archetypes in his book "Metamorphoses" in the 1980s. Later, a sixth archetype was added to the Dramatic, Natural, Classical, Gamine, and Romantic - Ingenue, created by Harriet McJimsey. It was she who began to consider style archetypes from the point of view of yin (soft and gentle) and yang (sharp and angular).

Later, a seventh essence was added by John Kitchener, a color and style consultant - Angelic or Ethereal. These seven essences create the Kitchener’s system. Each category offers unique insights about suitable fashion styles.

7 style essence quiz

Understanding 7 Kitchener Essences

Now let’s explore each essence in more detail:


As a dramatic fashion essence, your style speaks volumes even before you do. It's about bold colors, striking silhouettes, and unapologetic glamour. 

Your clothing lines are not for the faint-hearted as they can often include statement pieces that turn heads and start conversations. 


Gamine is a unique style essence that radiates an effortless charm. It leans into a more playful and youthful energy, gravitating towards the mischievous side of fashion. Often complemented by short and pixie-like haircuts, it also favors bold colors and patterns that echo its lively spirit.

The outfits are simple yet striking, embodying the quintessential gamine charm - fun, and daring but still elegant enough to make heads turn. 


The Natural style essence embodies simplicity, comfort, and easy-going charm. It's all about simple beauty that doesn't require hours spent in front of a mirror. It’s about loose-fitting clothing lines, earth-tone colors, and minimalistic patterns.

This fashion style suits those who value practicality and freedom over the latest trends. You might find yourself gravitating towards soft denim jeans or a cozy cotton t-shirt rather than a high-fashion outfit with lots of frills.


Classic style is timeless and elegant. It embodies simplicity, sophistication, and a refined sense of fashion. Classic fashionistas prefer clean lines, tailored silhouettes, and neutral colors.

They gravitate towards timeless pieces like trench coats, button-down shirts, pencil skirts, and little black dresses. The classic style embraces quality over quantity and values investment pieces that can be worn for years to come.


Romantic essence is all about embracing femininity and showcasing soft, delicate details. Flowing fabrics, lace, and floral patterns are key elements of this fashion style. Romantic individuals tend to choose pastel colors like blush pink and lavender.

They love accessorizing with dainty jewelry and often opt for dresses or skirts that enhance their graceful silhouette. Showing off their romantic side through fashion allows them to feel elegant and beautiful in any setting.


Ingenue is a style essence that exudes a youthful and fresh vibe. It is characterized by a playful and innocent approach to fashion. Those with an ingenue style essence often have petite frames and delicate features, which they accentuate through their clothing choices.

They love soft fabrics, pastel colors, and feminine details like ruffles or bows. To dress for the ingenue style, opt for cute dresses, skirts with flirty prints, or fitted tops paired with high-waisted pants.


Angelic style essence is all about embracing a soft and ethereal look. It's for those who love to create an aura of innocence and delicacy with their fashion choices. It’s all about flowing fabrics, delicate lace, and heavenly pastel colors.

Angelic essence is perfect for those who have a gentle and nurturing personality. When dressing in this style, opt for dresses with romantic details, paired with feminine accessories such as dainty jewelry or floral headbands.

Getting your results

Once you have completed the 7 Style Essences Quiz and answered all the questions, it's time to find out your style essence! 

Your results will give you a clear understanding of your fashion style and help guide you in dressing for your unique essence. Embrace your results and use them as a tool to confidently express yourself through clothing.

So let the quiz guide you towards a wardrobe that reflects who you truly are – stylish, confident, and completely you!

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