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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 6 months ago
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Minecraft active players in 2021 - 141 million
 Have you ever played Minecraft? Well, this is a stupid question - of course, you’ve played. First of all, you are here for the quiz, so you’ve played it for hours and hours. Secondly, who hasn’t played Minecraft at least once in their lives? Of course, there are such people, but they are few! In 2021, Minecraft accounted for 141 million active players! This is the official number. Though, I suspect the actual number is even bigger, considering there might be other unofficial numbers as well. Minecraft is a unique game that is even taught in schools! Did you know that Norway has kids playing Minecraft in schools to study not only computer technologies but a variety of other subjects such as architecture, economy, etc.? This shows just how much you can learn from playing this game. This is not only an entertainment means but a fictional world that can teach you a lot about the real world. 

Minecraft Quiz

Minecraft Trivia Quiz
In this quiz, we will test your knowledge of the mechanics of the game. If you’ve played it for hundreds of hours as all the fans do, you’ll be able to answer these basic questions well. If you are a newbie, you can also have fun - partially answering the basics you know, partially learning new tricks and tips that will help you in the game in the future. In the end of the quiz, you’ll get results and can check what questions you’ve done right and where you were mistaken. There are 20 questions overall. Each one comes with a set of four options. Only one of those questions is correct. There are no “multiple answer” questions here. You need to choose only one! So, are you ready to check this quiz and test your knowledge? Are you ready to find out just how well you know the game that millions of people are playing right now at this moment? If you would like to enjoy more game quizzes, try this Pokemon Trivia quiz

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