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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 12 months ago
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This My Hero Academia Quirk Generator will uncover what kind of power you would have if you a part of that world! For now, the strongest MHA quirks are the following: 
  • One for All
  • All for One 
  • Fierce Wings 
  • Warp Gate
  • Manifest 
  • Brainwash 
  • Erasure
  • Overhaul 
  • Explosion
  • Hot/Cold
This is not a rating of Quirks. Frankly, it's hard to determine which one is better than the other. It all hugely depends on the level of its carrier and the situation. Plus, some quirks are better for offense, others for defense, and some for control. What MHA quirk would you like to get yourself? Would it be one of these or something new entirely? Well, to tell the truth, this MHA Quirk generator has none of the abovementioned powers. So, where is fun in taking the popular Quirks? Let's create our own! But what kinds are included? I've chosen the common distinction of physical and mental abilities and chosen an equal number of both. You cannot predict which category with be paired with your thought. Just like kids in BNHA don't select their Quirks; thus, you cannot do that as well. Just try to answer sincerely, and you'll power you'll enjoy. 

Physical Quirk

mha quirk generator
This is a large category that includes all possible kinds of Quirks. Mutations are exclusively contained in this section. So, if you want to look like a beautiful butterfly or a fierce dragon, you'll have to see the physical abilities of the "species" as well. Tell me, if you were to gain a mutation, which would you choose? Something of animal? Or maybe multiple hands? Perhaps you'd like to become a half cyborg?

Mental Quirk 

quirk generator
Personally, I like the plane of mental Quirks better than the physical. There are virtually no limitations to what our mind can do if given imagination. It's always fun to imagine having a mental superpower in the real world. It can remain secret and help you in everyday life without exposure. Among the mental Quirks are the ability to control objects and substances with your mind, to create things out of your mind, to manipulate people, and so on. This is fun!

Combined Quirks 

quirk generator mha
The last is a rare field that doesn't have lots of Quirks. For example, I believe that Momo's creation can be classified as a combined type. She uses her mind to envision an object and construct it in the head initially before creating it in the physical plane. Now, it appears that some Quirks are more complex than others. Accordingly, you have to train harder to master them. But the result is well-worth the years of rigorous work on yourself and your Quirk. Creation is one exciting and useful Quirk in all spheres of life! Thus, you are free to decide whether to become a hero or not! If you want to continue your Quirky fun, check this Ultimate My Hero Academia Quiz.

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