Psycho-Pass Crime Coefficient Quiz: Are You a Latent Criminal?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 11 months ago
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 Welcome to the world of psychopaths! Just kidding, this is the world of the Psycho Pass Anime! If you are here, you are a devoted fan, right? So, you know how fascinating the premise is. In a world where you can be marked as a potential criminal just by a whim of some theoretical calculations, it becomes a struggle to live your daily lives. Even the mere notion of a check can influence your status! So, are you excited to get your psycho pass score? Are you sure you can bear the truth of getting a dangerously high score? If so, let’s go! Now, before you start your assessment, I’d like to refresh the scoring system in your mind if it’s been quite some time since you’ve watched it. 

Psycho Pass Score

Psycho Pass Coefficient Quiz
Overall, the Crime Coefficient is only a part of the psycho pass. There are mainly three possible levels you can get Level 1 - under 100 points. It means that a person is safe and doesn’t pose a threat to society. This is the majority of the population. There are even people with the number of 0! I’m sure you all remember those unique individuals and their importance to the story. Level 2 - 100-299 points. This scoring range classifies you as a latent criminal. You’ll have to go through “rehabilitation” to be deemed safe. If enforcers catch you, they are certified to stun you with a non-lethal weapon. Level 3 - this one covers anything 300+. If you get this score, it means you are a severe threat. Expect to be killed instantly. The enforcers’ task is to eliminate you. And this is done in the most disturbing way in this anime - you start bloating and burst. (This is something aunt Marge almost experienced herself if you know what I mean!) Accordingly, you will get one of these three results. Your category will state how serious of a threat you are. If you manage to get into the third result, I’d be thoroughly impressed and terrified at the same time. Have you ever considered visiting a therapist? 

Psycho Pass Quiz Rules

psycho pass test
The rules to this one are simple. You just need to carefully think about your behavior patterns and choose an option that represents you better. But, of course, we can’t read your mind, so the answers are generalized. In this quiz, you’ll get 20 questions. The “commission” will judge your aggression and criminal level and offer you an according result. Unfortunately, in this quiz, we only consider the Crime Coefficient. This is because the technical abilities of our world do not allow for the simultaneous assessment of the Hue. However, judging by the vulnerability of the Hue to various stressors, it’s better to base the psycho pass only on the Crime Coefficient as it takes into account your behavioral patterns. If you are a big fan of anime in general, I have several exciting quizzes for you to indulge in afterward  such as Haikyuu Quiz

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