Are you a VSCO girl or an E-Girl?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 10 months ago
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 Modern social media trends have a great influence on the youth. Those YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok challenges become viral thanks to teenagers. Youth determines the trends, but it is also the most affected by them. And one of the long-running trends in categorizing girls into VSCO girls, E-girls, Soft girls, etc. 

The same also concerns boys, so there is no discrimination in that. In this quiz, we’ll focus on two major categories that every teenager and young adult has probably heard of, VSCO and E-girls. These two types are very different, but both stem from piles and piles of trends. 

Let’s take a closer look at these types! And if you’d like to add more details about each of them, you are welcome to put your suggestion in the comments section. Let’s determine them together. 

VSCO girl

The name of this type comes from the top-rated photo editing app VSCO. It has numerous beautiful filters widely used on social media.

A couple of years ago, the term VSCO girl attracted lots of attention from various publications. You could see related articles everywhere containing the description of who VSCO girls are, the tips of how to become one, and the detailed starting packs of what such girls like, wear, and buy. You can still find many similar guides online.

And here are the most widely-recognized checklist entries for VSCO girls.
They are the fans of Birkenstock footwear. It may not be a piece of art, but it is comfy. So, such love is understandable.
Another attribute that you’ll see a VSCO girl carry around is a hydro flask. A Kanken backpack will carry that hydro flask more often than not.
To complete the visuals, be sure to put on the scrunchie. Or simply put it around your wrist.

Besides, that may become a small nod to Stranger Things if you like the show. 

When it comes to clothes, a VSCO girl often wears tie-dye oversized shirts or big hoodies. However, trendy crop tops are still possible. This is still very comfy in my mind! And why not take a picture of this fabulous outfit on your Instax? A VSCO girl would do just that. 

Aside from the outfit, VSCO girls possess a few particular characteristics and have memorable phrases. From such a teen, you may hear something about “saving sea turtles” or the iconic “sksksk” And I almost forgot those shell necklaces and friendship bracelets! 


Now, let’s take a look at the super-trendy e-girls.
While VSCO are all-natural, e-girls are edgier. The term is not new. It has been around since 2099, but its meaning has evolved drastically.
The term has softened and become a new TikTok trend. Today, teenagers want to get e-girls and film the transformations or guides on dressing and putting on makeup.

On that note, their makeup skills are superb. They can create an entirely different face by using lots of blush and eyeliners, and putting on extra details like hearts, stars, and so on. An e-girl often combines cute makeup with dark, almost punk-rock clothes—black materials, chains, fishnets, harnesses, etc.

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