Which Seven Deadly Sins Are You?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 12 months ago
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Seven deadly sins in Christianity:
  • pride
  • gluttony 
  • sloth 
  • envy 
  • greed
  • wrath 
  • lust 
This seven deadly sins quiz will determine which one of these seven “evil thoughts” has the deepest roots inside of you! Traditionally, Christian teaching opposes these seven capital sins with heavenly virtues. What are those, you wonder? Here they come! 
  • prudence
  • justice
  • courage
  • temperance
  • faith 
  • hope 
  • charity 
These are the main virtues that have been distinguished throughout the year. Finally, the total counter gathers four traditional Cardinal Virtues (these are the initial four positions on the list) and three Theological virtues (the latter three). There is also another list of THE Seven Capital virtues that is directly connected to the deadly sins. Let’s look at the pairing! 



seven deadly sins test
These are the two opposites of the spectrum, as most other pain will be. Where pride is based on selfishness, humility is all about selflessness. Thus, as the Medieval thinkers and geologists liked everything balanced and parallels, this second altered set of virtues was created. Related: bravery, reverence, modesty 


seven deadly sins quiz
Not getting angry around people doesn’t mean kindness automatically. You are just indifferent. Kindness is a boost that makes you a selfless person yet again. You literally put other people’s well-being in the first place. Related: satisfaction, compassion


seven deadly sins quiz
To my mind, this is not a direct opposition between a sin and a virtue. I wouldn’t say that envious people are impatient. On the contrary, they seem more like sloths more often. It probably means having patience with yourself, your achievements, and your possessions. Related: forgiveness, mercy 


seven deadly sins test
This pair I can see. Sloth automatically means being less diligent in everything you do in life. Thus, when you work persistently, it means you are a hardworking type of person who’d rather be productive than lazy. Also, believe that procrastination is the epitome of sloth. Related: persistence, ethics, effortfulness 


seven deadly sins quiz
This is yet another on-point pair that forms the perfect parallel. And yet another selfish/selfless opposition! When you stop being greedy, you find it easier to part with things and give them away. In time, charity brings to the opposite side of the spectrum. Related: will, benevolence, generosity, sacrifice


seven deadly sins test
These two are on the opposite sides of the spectrum of restrictions and indulgence. And that can concern everything. But, basically, it is the two forms of consumption that dictate the modern world. Related: humanity, equanimity 


seven deadly sins quiz
Fornication and sexual relationships in Medieval times were a subject of taboo. Unlike ancient Greece and Rome, where the great philosophers were indulging in the satisfaction of the flesh, the Medieval monks believed the desires to be single. Nowadays, lust seems like a minor sin as people start to explore their sexuality in-depth. Fortunately, chastity is not the story of the 21st century. Related: purity, abstinence Now, do you have a general understanding of the subject? Which seven deadly sin are you? Also, would you like to learn the type of character in this Alignment quiz?   

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