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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 11 months ago
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 Let’s find out your aesthetics! A young person has to know their aesthetic! If you’ve been on social media at least once, you’ve seen all those inspiring collages and boards with the perfect look, decor, etc. And that is a general trend. We all have different tastes, and the Internet offers us unlimited research resources to find our style. Of course, each person’s style is unique, but there are several directions you can group. There are all those highly specific styles of following a celebrity or adopting a certain lifestyle. But I won’t touch on that today. Instead, I want to determine the decade!!! We all know the iconic things from the 80s, 90s, and so on. And you’re probably a fan of one of them. Or a mesh of all things? Let’s find out "my aesthetic" decade-wise today! Unfortunately, I cannot cover all the decades, no matter how excited I’d be. Instead, I’ll choose the most popular decades as of now. So, sorry to all the fans of the 19th century or 20’s flappers. I’ll come to cover the retro styles in some other quiz. If you want to check your vintage-style aesthetic, let me know in the comment section below or on social media! For now, I’ll stick to these decades.   
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The 70s-80s

 These are two distinctive decades, I know. However, contemporary people who like any of these time periods tend to mix in things from the other. Thus, I’ll group them into one retro aesthetic that comes from the true age of change! If your soul lies here, you are an exciting person to spend time with! I just know it. You have opinions so unlike the rest of us and can have the talent to mix some seemingly unmixable things in clothes and decor. 

The 90s

 This is an iconic and versatile aesthetic. One day you can turn to the Barbie designs, another to grim grunge and heroin chic. The 90s are a masterpiece that we seem to return to at time, even these days. Of course, millennials have a special place in their heart for this decade. But this is a universal aesthetic for all, no matter the age. 

The 2000s

 They are back on the streets, and people just love this aesthetic. This was the decade of some bizarre styles, fabrics, cuts, and behavior. It was less multifaceted than the 90s but still offered lots of variety. It also comes with a nostalgic tingle. And for you as well, I’m sure. Your 2000s aesthetics deserve more attention! 

The 2010s

 This is a tricky decade as it is so varied. But that only means that you don’t limit yourself. You’ve lived through the 10s; you’ve changed several styles during this period. Whether you choose to stick to one or get back to your favorite thing, you are choosing modern over retro. You are a big fan of social networks and track modern trends as well in search of new additions to your aesthetics. These are the four (actually five) decades we’ll be covering in this aesthetics test. They all have exciting fashion, music, and trend-wise. And they all learn to combine the strangest thing sometimes! If you want to learn more about yourself and have a third-party view, I can also recommend this Snowflake test

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