Which Death Note Character Are You and Would You Write in the Book?

By: Ira Kurylenko
Created: 3 months ago
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Death Note stands as an absolute gem in the anime realm, making it an ideal pick for folks new to the anime scene. 
Picture this: a genius high school student, Light Yagami, finds a mysterious notebook capable of killing anyone whose name he writes in it. Sounds wild, right? That's just the tip of the iceberg!

What makes Death Note a flawless choice for anime newcomers is its mind-boggling storyline that’s both gripping and easy to follow. The battle of wits between Light and the enigmatic detective L will keep you glued to the screen—seriously, it's like a chess match, but with life-and-death stakes! Plus, the cat-and-mouse chase hooks you right from episode one, no need for an acquired taste for anime to dive in.

This anime isn't all just intense mind games though; it's got layers! It delves into moral dilemmas, exploring the consequences of absolute power and the thin line between justice and corruption. The sleek animation, killer soundtrack, and a plot that’s so unpredictable it'll have you yelling at your screen, make Death Note an absolute must-watch for anyone dipping their toes into the anime universe. Trust me, after a taste of this rollercoaster, you'll be craving more of what anime has to offer!

Death Note Characters Quiz 

death note quiz
And now it’s time to find out which brilliant mind from this mind-bending series you resonate with the most! Ready to dive into the world of genius sleuths and diabolical strategists? Where do your morals lie? And, most importantly, would you write in the Notebook of Death if you had one? I’m sure not all of us would be able to resist the temptation. 

Are you an intelligent strategist or a kind policeman fighting for justice? You can find out in this quiz. It’ll take roughly 7 minutes of your time and you get a Death Note character match! 
Mind that your stance on justice would be a crucial factor here as well. So, be as frank as you can. 

Anime Death Note Characters

death note quiz
When it comes to the "Death Note" characters, whether you’re diving into the manga or catching them in the anime, their essences remain pretty darn consistent! 
Truth be told, the manga and anime characters are like two peas in a pod. Sure, there might be some minor details or additional nuances in the manga that you won't catch in the anime, but at their core, these characters retain the same captivating personalities and essential traits.

So, whether you are a fan of the anime or manga, you can enjoy this quiz and get the personalized character match. 
Do you already have any ideas on which character you are likely to get at the end of the quiz? Share your experience and results in the comments section below! 
It’s time to get to that quiz now! Off you go! 

Which Death Note Character Are You and Would You Write in the Book? Questions

death note characters Your idea of relaxation involves:
  • doing something fun and mentally stimulating

  • clearing my mind and just switching it off

  • messing around with people

  • doing nothing and diving into my thoughts, dreaming, planning

death note characters What would you eat right now?
  • sweets

  • a salad

  • meat

  • an apple;)

death note characters What's your behavior in a heated debate?
  • i remain calm and use logical arguments

  • in a heated? I might start raising my voice

  • I'm definitely raising my voice

  • I'm calm, and I'm trying to provoke my opponent, trolling them

death note characters Do you prefer Death Note manga or anime?
  • anime

  • manga

  • both are equal

  • I haven't read the manga yet

death note characters Which of these descriptions suit your personality best?
  • determined and grounded

  • unique and unpredictable

  • charming and likeable

  • sarcastic and a "closed book"

death note characters Do you think you'd resist the temptation of writing in the Death Note?
  • absolutely

  • not so sure

death note characters Imagine being transported into the Death Note Japan, who would you look for first?
  • L

  • Light

  • Soichiro Yagami

  • Takada

death note characters In which of these situations do you feel most comfortable?
  • alone in my room

  • spending time with my friends

  • just relaxing with my partner

  • doing something mentally stimulating

death note characters Are you good at manipulating people?
  • I consider myself a master of the trade

  • yes, I'm skilled at manipulation

  • hm, I try but I need more practice

  • nah, I'm too naïve for that

death note characters Which of these is the first rule of Death Note?
  • no idea

  • the victim will die of a heart attack

  • I don't care, it's just fun to write names

  • Whoever's name is written in the book will die

death note characters What's your favourite gaming genre?
  • RPG

  • Strategies

  • Fighting

  • other

death note characters The Shinigami word is dangerous but would you visit it if you could?
  • absolutely, I'd be interested

  • no way, it's too dangerous for that

death note characters How far would you go to get what you want?
  • all the way, anything goes

  • quite far, but there limits that I won't cross

  • not endangering or harming others for sure

  • I'm quite shy, so l, I won't go out of my way

death note characters When watching a movie or reading a book, do you predict the plot twists and finale often?
  • yes

  • no

death note characters Which of these phrases is relatable to you?
  • we should all be kind, responsible for our actions, and equal

  • do anything and everything to reach your goals

  • life is unfair, be prepared

  • things are always as simple as black and white

death note characters How long do you think it would take for you to solve Near's puzzle?
  • I can do it in a few days

  • probably no less than a week

  • definitely way more than a week

  • I'm not good enough to solve it at all

death note characters What's your favourite transportation method?
  • bicycle

  • car

  • train

  • plane

death note characters Can you justify any of Light's actions in the story?
  • actually, yes, I can. some.

  • no, absolutely not

death note characters How good are you at lying?
  • now this is what I'm great at

  • if I think carefully about what to say, I'm good

  • I'm fine with small lies, not big ones

  • nah, I'm a terrible liar

death note characters In case of emergency, what would save first?
  • myself

  • my family/pets

  • my precious things

  • I'd panic and take some random stuff

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