Am I in Love With My Best Friend?

By: Ira Kurylenko
Updated: 8 months ago
Am I in love? What if I'm in love with my best friend? 
Well, we are here today to find out whether you are! And it’s not a big deal.
Friends to lovers is a popular trope in fiction not because it’s fantasy; because it’s real. And the relationship you get when you are friends first is strong and durable. 
A strong friendship builds a foundation of trust and honesty, which are essential elements in a healthy romantic relationship. As friends, you get to know each other freely, just the way you are. While people do strive to impress their potential romantic partners, we tend to be just who we are with our friends. Thus, you get to know the real person, not a made-up “perfect” image. 
Friends usually have open communication and better understanding of each other's needs and feelings. At this stage, you do go through some of the arguments with a bit more ease than people in a romantic relationship do. You are not as demanding and generally more understanding towards your friends. 
Besides, while being open, Friends are more likely to see each other's flaws and imperfections early on and either accept them or just be informed for the future. 

Overall, there are many benefits to developing a romantic relationship after being friends for some time. The only drawback is the transition from friendship to romance which can be a complex task to accomplish. 
It’s never easy to risk your friendship for uncertainty. Thus, we have created this quiz to help you understand at least your feelings better.

This BFF friendship test will tell whether you are truly in love or just share the platonic love for your love!
Am I in love with my best friend?

How to Know If I am in Love With My Best Friend? 

This is what the quiz is for. However, before we even start, here are a few ways to differentiate between love and friendship! So you come prepared! 

Emotional intensity

In a friendship, emotions are generally more relaxed and stable. Being in love involves stronger emotions, often accompanied by a deep desire to be with the other person all the time.

Romantic Attraction

Friendship is based on a strong bond of trust, understanding, and shared interests. While physical touch is present, it’s more relaxing than exhilarating. Romantic relationships are characterized by a strong attraction and desire for physical intimacy.

Long-Term Commitment

While friendships can be long-lasting and meaningful, they don't necessarily involve exclusivity. You value the present day more. Being in love often means planning the future together, being exclusive, and shaping the goals in consideration of your partner. 

Jealousy and Possessiveness

Jealousy and possessiveness are usually less prominent in friendships. Romantic love can bring out feelings of jealousy and possessiveness that are clearly stronger and emotional. 

These are just a few examples of where you can find differences between love and friendship. They are just the generalized views. Each friendship and romantic relationship is different; it may feel and look unique, nothing like you would expect. 
That is why this relationship quiz focuses on the specific feelings and actions to help you differentiate between the two types of love better. 

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