Are You a Good Girlfriend?

By: Ira Kurylenko
Updated: 3 months ago
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Being a good girlfriend means being a supportive, caring, and respectful partner in a romantic relationship, which seems like an easy task to do. 
However, in reality, there are no perfect people. For some, a good girlfriend is the one who loves them no matter what. For others, it's the one who motivates and pushes them forward. This is a subjective assessment of a relationship that lies solely on the shoulders of a couple.
However, there are certainly several main "ingredients" of being a good partner in a relationship, such as being supportive and empathetic. If you cannot offer even the basics, you can hardly be a good girlfriend.
In this best girlfriend quiz, we will determine whether you possess those dating skills that would make you a great partner!

How to Be a Better Girlfriend

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If you are determined to bring positive change into your relationship, you should start with yourself. Treat people how you would like to be treated, and if they don’t reciprocate, they are not worthy of you.
So, if you want to improve your "girlfriend skills," here are a couple of important aspects you should start with:


Being open, honest, and respectful in your communication is crucial. Listen to your partner's thoughts and feelings and express your own in a constructive manner. The biggest mistake people make in a relationship is the lack of communication.


Being loyal to your partner is the basis of trust and love. Loyalty involves being committed to the relationship and making your partner feel secure and valued. It's not just about avoiding cheating; it's about loyalty in a broader sense.

Empathy and Support 

Be understanding and compassionate towards your partner's emotions and challenges. Offer your support and encouragement during difficult times, and celebrate their successes together. Try to see things from your partner’s perspective once in a while.


Whether you are a romantic person or not, showing affection openly will demonstrate how much you love and value your partner. Even a mundane gesture of affection will be greatly appreciated. Try to show your care in your partner’s love language, be it physical touch, quality time, gifts, acts of service, or something else.


Some people are so stubborn when it comes to admitting their mistakes that it surprises me how they can be in a functioning relationship. People do make mistakes, and that is unavoidable. Learn to say sorry for yours and forgive your partner for theirs. It may not be easy, but it's worth it in the long run.
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girlfriend quiz

How to Be a Good Girlfriend Quiz

So, are you ready to see whether you are girlfriend material? Are you ready to get an assessment of your partnership skills? Just spare 5 minutes of your time, and this quiz will uncover the truth!
And remember, there’s always room for improvement. Relationships require work and devotion. Even if you are lacking in some aspects, love for a person can be a great motivational boost for improvement.

Are You a Good Girlfriend? Questions

the perfect girlfriend How about their friends?
  • they are great, I like spending time with them

  • the are fine once in a while

  • nope, don't even ask me

  • haven't met them

the perfect girlfriend Imagine you both have plans for the day but some issue arises and one of you has to cancel their plans.
  • sure, I'll cancel my plans immediately

  • we'll find a compromise and decide whose plans are more important today

  • well, I guess we'll have to draw straws

  • nooo, let him cancel his plans

the perfect girlfriend When your partner passionately tells you about their hobby that you have no interest in...
  • I listen attentively

  • I pretend to listen but space our a bit

  • listen for a bit and them change the topic

  • tell them I'm not interested

the perfect girlfriend Are you honest with your partner?
  • yes, always

  • most of the time, I can hide some minor things that hardly matter

  • I do have some important secrets

  • not really, I prefer my privacy

the perfect girlfriend What do you usually do when your partner is upset?
  • provide some physical contact (kisses, hugs)

  • find encouraging words for them!

  • just leave them alone to give them space

  • try not to pay attention and go with my day

the perfect girlfriend What's your reaction when their friends or family are rude to your partner?
  • I'll defend them, noone is allowed to be rude to them

  • lead the conversation away from the topic

  • leave it to my partner to deal with, they are strong

  • I don't care

the perfect girlfriend How do you show your partner how much you appreciate them?
  • I just openly tell them

  • a hint here and there

  • my gestures and actions show that

  • I guess I don't show or tell them anything of the matter

the perfect girlfriend Do you trust your partner?
  • yes, of course!

  • generally yes, but I'm still ready for a betrayal of sorts

  • I don't trust them that much yet

  • I have no idea how to answer

the perfect girlfriend Would you call yourself an affectionate person?
  • yes

  • no

the perfect girlfriend If you knew that your partner's love language is different from yours, what would you do?
  • change the way I show my feelings for the one they appreciate the most

  • change nothing, use my own love language

  • combine the two! something for them, something for me

  • I'm not a very affectionate person anyway

the perfect girlfriend How often do you make an effort to surprise your partner?
  • frequently

  • occasionally

  • rarely

  • I just don't organize surprises

the perfect girlfriend Do you think is important in life?
  • absolutely, it's a beautiful and important thing

  • sure, but it's overestimated sometimes

  • not to me, maybe for somebody else

  • not important at all

the perfect girlfriend Have you ever heard about codependent people?
  • yes, and I am one for sure!

  • in theory, I might be on practice. I'm not sure

  • I'm codependent just a tiiiiny bit

  • I'm not anyway, I'm independent

the perfect girlfriend Would you stay with your partner for the rest of your lives?
  • yes

  • no

the perfect girlfriend How is your relationship with your partner's family?
  • yes, we like each other very much

  • a bit cold, but we can spend decent time together

  • I'm not a fan of spending time with them but do that for my partner (not very often though)

  • no, I hate them

  • I haven't met them yet

the perfect girlfriend Do you like your partner's pet?
  • they don't have a pet

  • hell yeah! this my pet as well

  • yes, the pet is fine, I like playing with it

  • no, I hate it

the perfect girlfriend How often do you have disagreements?
  • just once in a while, no big deal

  • quite often but we manage

  • very often

  • what disagreements? we are perfect together0_o

the perfect girlfriend Is it easy to irritate you?
  • yes, easy, I'm a moody person

  • yes, but I try to be calm with me partner whenever I can

  • not that easy

  • it's actually hard to irritate me, I'm a calm person

the perfect girlfriend Do you ever discuss with your partner their goals and dreams?
  • yes, I like to know everything about them and support

  • sometimes, I don't want to seem to eager

  • rarely, I'm not asking, they are just talking

  • no, never

the perfect girlfriend Are you a romantic?
  • no, but my partner likes it this way

  • yes, the biggest romantic!

  • I guess... just the usual

  • no, and I don't care what my partner wants me to do

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