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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 5 months ago
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Are you a Criminal Minds expert? Do you remember all the most notable unsubs? Can you tell the difference between a murder and a suicide on TV? Then you've come to the right place. In this Criminal Minds quiz, you’ll show just how professional you are when things concern this TV franchise.

Personally, I’m a big fan, but only recently. Despite the long run of the show, I’ve decided to give it a try only a year ago. Since then, I’ve been binge-watching all the seasons and simply having it at a background noise. I admit that murders and FBI are kind of strange to have as a “relaxing background,” but you surely can understand me. Right?

Ready for a deep dive into the world of criminal profiling? Take on our 'Criminal Minds' Trivia and flex those detective muscles! And hey, if you're up for a switch in gears, check out the 'Shameless Trivia Quiz' for a whole different kind of mystery and laughs!

After months and months of watching the series, I’ve decided to create a dedicated quiz, now that I’ve learned everything about the characters and the plot. It happens all the time - I fall in love with the franchise and the next thing I know are my fingers typing questions/answers. 

I really hope you'll enjoy this set of trivia questions and share my passion for the project. Even though we’ll probably never see new episodes. 

Is This Criminal Minds Quiz Worth Your Time?

criminal minds quiz
I admit that the questions are not the hardest of all. After all, I don’t want everyone to fail. 
However, the questions are complex enough so you can enjoy the quiz. This is a mix of easy, average, and hard trivia and interesting facts. I know that you’ll ace some of my questions and will have to think carefully about others. But who will enjoy the quiz? Have you watched all Criminal Minds seasons all in just several months binging at times? You’ll definitely enjoy it! 

Have you been eagerly waiting for each new season all those years? Your patience will definitely pay off. Do you simply these characters dearly? This quiz is definitely for you. Are you a fan of crime stories and detectives but haven’t seen Criminal Minds yet? Then go check out the series and I’ll be waiting here for you to check how attentive you are to the details! 

Are There Other Criminal Minds Tests?

criminal minds trivia
Unfortunately, there are no more Criminal Minds tests and this website. This is the first piece I dedicate to the story. If you enjoy it and would like to spend time in the company of another Criminal Minds quiz, I’ll gladly do one for you. Just tell me whether you want another trivia piece or a personalized one.
I’ll gladly do both! For now, you can enjoy a variety of other trivia tests on several popular TV series. And I’ve got a few anime titles covered as well. Interested in that?

How about the Haikyuu quiz to add a bit of volleyball fun to your daily routine? Or you can dive deep into the world of Friends that is beloved by many people. Or you can simply check the TV show tag on the website and find another title you like. 

Criminal Minds Quiz for True Crime Experts Questions

Criminal Minds quiz Derek got to college on a sports scholarship. What kind?
  • track and field

  • basketball

  • baseball

  • football

Criminal Minds quiz Who plays Derek?
  • Thomas Gibson

  • Daniel Henney

  • Shemar Moore

  • Brian Appel

Criminal Minds quiz In what season did Rossi join the team?
  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

  • 5

Criminal Minds quiz Morgan has two
  • brothers

  • sisters

  • mothers

  • dogs

Criminal Minds quiz Penelope has a cool hacker name -
  • PinkyQueen

  • JusticeDame

  • The Black Queen

  • Dame of Vengeance

Criminal Minds quiz Hailey was killed by
  • The Reaper

  • Lucky

  • Mr. Scratch

  • Cat Adams

Criminal Minds quiz What about the other way around?
  • Dark Chocolate Thunder

  • Chocolate Six-Pack

  • Sugar

  • Chocolate Cowboy

Criminal Minds quiz Who did JJ chose to be godparents for her son?
  • Hotch and Garcia

  • Reid and Garcia

  • Hotch and Prentiss

  • Reid and Prentiss

Criminal Minds quiz Emily's mother is a/an
  • surgeon

  • ambassador

  • governor

  • professor

Criminal Minds quiz Is it true that Garcia appears in all seasons of the show?
  • yes

  • no

Criminal Minds quiz What did JJ collect as a child?
  • butterflies

  • coins

  • pets

  • celebrity posters

Criminal Minds quiz The first profiler to be shown in the pilot episode is ...
  • Gideon

  • Hotch

  • Reid

  • Morgan

Criminal Minds quiz What kind of donuts does Reid love the most?
  • chocolate and sprinkles

  • powdered sugar

  • cinnamon sugar

  • frosted jam

Criminal Minds quiz What member of the team smiles the least?
  • Hotch

  • Reid

  • Rossi

  • Emily

Criminal Minds quiz What's the name of a detective is Derek's hometown who tries to detain him for murder?
  • Rodney Harris

  • Jason Hyde

  • Stan Gordinski

  • Ira Cruz

Criminal Minds quiz In one of the intros, we hear this phase: Try again. Fail again. Fail better. Who says it?
  • Samuel Beckett

  • Peter Dinklage

  • Stan Lee

  • William Faulkner

Criminal Minds quiz Penelope has a mug in shape of a sea animal. What kind?
  • dolphin

  • whale

  • octopus

  • sea star

Criminal Minds quiz After Hotch leaves, who takes his position?
  • Blake

  • JJ

  • Rossi

  • Prentiss

Criminal Minds quiz How does the team call a suspect they profile?
  • sus

  • killer

  • they

  • unsub

Criminal Minds quiz Where's BAU office located?
  • Quantico

  • Seattle

  • Washington D.C.

  • Portland

Criminal Minds quiz Spencer suspected that his father killed a young boy named
  • Riley

  • Jerry

  • Kevin

  • Emmett

Criminal Minds quiz Which of these nicknames does Derek never call Garcia?
  • baby girl

  • sweetness

  • teddy bear

  • doll face

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