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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 11 months ago
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 Fursona is an exciting concept widely used in the furry community. A fursona is a personalized animal character. This is usually an anthropomorphic animal persona that is used as a kind of n avatar for your online image. If you are not in the furry community (or are new), you probably don’t have a fursona yet. I encourage you to try this quiz and get your own fursona. Or, even if you have been in the community for quite a bit, you’ll be interested in acquiring a fursona based on your character, not a random cutie. Get a cutie that reflects your inner world! How about that? 

Fursona Generator

fursona generator
There is a highly popular generator titled “This Fursona Doesn’t Exist.” 
“This site displays a grid of AI-generated furry portraits trained by Arfa using nVidia’s StyleGAN2 architecture. The training dataset consisted of ~55k SFW images from”
 Thus, you know where the copyright goes to! 
For this fursona quiz, I’ve selected a few cuties from the mentioned generator. However, you won’t get a random fursona as you would on the website. Each of them has a character, and it will choose you only if you match it. And though the fursona chooses you, the decision is informed and based on your personality traits. You can also visit the randomizer to check whether it’ll offer you a fursona that comes close to your inner world. I bet the result will be cute but lacking. I know how important it is to get the representation that your soul feels comfortable with. And I hope each of the selected fursonas will warm your heart. 

Fursona Species

fursona quiz
The randomizer and this quiz include various animals and are not limited by reality. I bet you can get a mythological fursona if you are an expressive enough personality. What type of mythical creature would you prefer? A chimera or minotaur? Maybe a Kraken? Though I don’t think wish and underwater dwellers would make good fursonas for this quiz. We’ll stick to the mammals. Sorry, no insects as well.
Overall, the randomizer is mainly focused on the traditional furry animals, but I’ve seen several interesting species out there!
Please, share in the comments the animal closest to you. Also, you can complete a Spirit Animal Quiz to learn the animal persona that correlated to you the best! That’s always an opportunity. As you know, some animals are strongly associated with certain traits. These are the well-known stereotypic traits. And this is why people are choosing one or the other fursona. To express their character and stronger sides. And though they often do not select their fursona in the matter of a few minutes, this quiz will simplify the process and drastically shorten it. You don’t have to think about your qualities; this quiz will determine them for you.
And offer a fursona from the randomizer. Aside from the spirit animal quiz, I believe you may like this Undertale quiz if you are into games. 

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