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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 8 months ago
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 If you are here for this quiz, you’ve already played Undertale and more than once. And you already know how cool this game really is behind the simplistic graphic. You can probably ace this quiz even after one playthrough if you are an attentive player. How many hours have you spent with this game? If it’s more than the set minimum of 6 hours, you can do it! I never understand speedrunners. How can you enjoy the game if you rush through it? I like to take my time, read the story, explore every nook and cranny. The official playthrough time is up to 20 hours, but I know I’d take more time than that. How about you? What is your playing style? Do you rush to get achievements or just slowly enjoy the game? Let me know in the comments section after you finish the quiz! And also, share your quiz results; it’ll be interesting to compare how well we all know the game. 

Undertale Trivia

undertale trivia
So, what is so cool about Undertale? Why do people love it so much? At first glance, this is a typical indie game with nostalgic graphics. Perfect PRG! This is what I hear from players. This game fills all the classical RPG slots to the dot. I’d say that it has two components that are so alluring - characters and story. If you don’t like story-heavy games, Undertale is probably not for you. I adore such games, and Undertale’s story remains a fond memory in my brain. As I’m sure you all do! The second aspect are characters. They are cute, diverse, well-thought-through, and hilarious. In general, the game is fun and never has a dull moment - most often because of the mischievous characters. It’s hard to tell who is my favorite as they’re all so cute, even the secondary NPCs. And why do you like this game so much that you are willing to spare the time of your day for this quiz? Or is it simply a fun way of procrastination? Which I’m an expert in! 

Simil to Undertale Quiz

undertale quiz
If you would like to stay here for a while and play more quizzes, I have several options for you. Unfortunately, the website is not as packed with game quizzes as of now as I’d like it to be, but more to come. For now, I can suggest the following: Pokemon Quiz - okay, if you like games, I just know you’ve played at least once a Pokemon game, probably more. Most Millenials and Gen Z kids know enough from all the Pokemon mediums we’ve grown up with. So, take a chance and try to ace this quiz! If you like Undertale for its humor and mischief, I can also suggest a Rick and Morty quiz. I just know you’ve seen this show! Don’t ask me how. So, it’s time you put all your Rick’ n Morty knowledge to good use! P.S. Wait for more gaming quizzes in the future. 

Undertale Quiz, Straight From the Underground Questions

Undertale quiz How many main endings does Undertale have?
  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

  • 5

Undertale quiz Who eats most of the pie in Toriel's kitchen?
  • Papyrus

  • protagonist

  • Frisk

  • Dog

Undertale quiz Which of the characters often follows Undyne?
  • Alphys

  • Sans

  • Gerson

  • Monster Kid

Undertale quiz What color should your soul be to be able to flee a fight with Undyne?
  • red

  • light blue

  • green

  • yellow

Undertale quiz Three of these SAVE point are without dialog. Choose one with dialog.
  • Throne Room

  • Hotel Lobby

  • Last Corridor

  • Room with DT Extraction Machine

Undertale quiz How many mice holes can you find in Undertale?
  • 4

  • 5

  • 6

  • 7

Undertale quiz Who gives the protagonist a cell phone?
  • Toriel

  • Flowey

  • Mettatone

  • Asgore

Undertale quiz Who says this: "You dirty brother killer."
  • Flowey

  • Sans

  • Gaster

  • Frisk

Undertale quiz What message do you see if you try to name the fallen human Sans?
  • nope

  • not this time

  • try again

  • failed

Undertale quiz What's the title of the game's introduction sequence melody?
  • Fallen Down

  • Your Best Friend

  • Once Upon a Time

  • Introduction

Undertale quiz Where does Mad Dummy live?
  • Toriel's Home

  • Last Corridor

  • True Laboratory

  • Garbage Dump

Undertale quiz What's the name of the mountain on Earth where the entrance to Underground is located?
  • Rocky

  • Sundale

  • Ebott

  • North

Undertale quiz Who of the characters is a popular regular at Grillby's?
  • Chara

  • Sans

  • Alphys

  • Asgore

Undertale quiz Which of these quiz questions was not asked by Mettaton
  • What's the prize for answering correctly?

  • What are robots made out of?

  • Would you smooch a ghost?

  • Is Mettaton a robot or a monster?

Undertale quiz What's the answer to this question: "What are robots made out of?"
  • Metal & Magic

  • Snips & Snails

  • Hopes & Dreams

  • Sugar & Spice

Undertale quiz Which of these items can't you report for MTT NEWS?
  • basketball

  • flowers

  • glass of water

  • video game

Undertale quiz What is the only vendor that buys items from the protagonist?
  • Gerson

  • Tem Shop

  • Burgerpants

  • Nice Cream Guy

Undertale quiz Who says this: What's a star? Can you touch it? Can you eat it? Can you kill it? Are you a star?
  • Echo Flowers

  • Ferry

  • Loren

  • Small Bird

Undertale quiz What is a gray version of Monster Kid called?
  • Goner Kid

  • Emo Kid

  • Loser Kid

  • Other Kid

Undertale quiz True or false: If you do things right, Papyrus can become your boyfriend in the end.
  • true

  • false

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