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By: Ira Kurylenko
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Is knowing the flags of the world important at all? You may doubt the necessity to learn all of them and I would agree. You probably don’t need to have perfect knowledge of all the flags. However, decent knowledge of the basics is crucial in modern society. After all, you don’t want to get on that trivia YouTube video and look like an idiot not knowing that Europe is not a country, right? 
But why is it important? Who needs to remember all those boring flags? We are not watching the Olympics every day! 
First of all, knowledge of flags can enhance your understanding of different cultures and countries. Enrich your global knowledge!
Secondly, in the age of social media and online communication, flags are commonly used as visual representations of countries and cultures. It’s just handy  knowing many flags and determining the country of your new acquaintance, online shop, or just those emojis! 
Thus, this flags quiz will help you determine just how knowledgeable you are and learn several flags on the way as well. Besides, you need to train your memory to remember those flags precisely!
But, firstly, let’s start with some interesting flag facts just for fun! (Sheldon Cooper would approve)

Flags of the World Facts

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Vexillology is the scientific study of flags. It encompasses the examination of flag design, symbolism, history, and usage. Vexillologists analyze everything from color choices and patterns to the way flags are used in different contexts. This field helps us understand how flags communicate cultural identity, historical events, and national pride.

Nepal's Non-rectangular Flag

Nepal boasts a unique flag that doesn't conform to the typical rectangular shape. Instead, it features two stacked triangles, creating a pennon shape. The upper triangle is blue, representing peace, while the lower one is red, symbolizing bravery. This distinctive design reflects Nepal's history, as it was the only country in the world to escape colonial rule.

Tibetan Prayer Flags

Tibetan prayer flags are colorful rectangular pieces of cloth imprinted with prayers, mantras, and sacred symbols. These flags are a common sight in the Himalayan region and are hung in high places to let the wind carry the prayers and blessings to the universe. The five colors of the flags represent the five elements, and their presence is believed to bring peace and prosperity.

Flags on the Moon

Last century, six American flags were planted on the moon during the Apollo missions, but only five of them are still standing. Unfortunately, the flags have faded and been bleached by the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Now, after reading some of those fascinating facts that any geography aficionado should know, it’s time for the quiz of flags! Good luck! I hope you do get great results and show just how knowledgeable youth can be in geography, particularly flags. 
If you would like to try another flags quiz that’s more challenging, let us know!

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