Slytherin House Quiz: Hard Edition

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 12 months ago
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 Welcome to Slytherin House Quiz, a test that can trick you all. Bold of you to visit the domain of the cunning and sly ones. Are you sure you can keep your wits while with us? Slytherin may not be the kindest place, but we still stick together. Among all of the Hogwarts Houses, Slytherin has the darkest reputation. And that is because of the few blood purists who keep embarrassing the rest of the student body. We may not be the friendliest of people, but we have a dignity that does not allow us to steep so low. Well, most of us. Let’s not judge the majority by the actions of the few, okay? 

Proud, Not Bad

 We are proud to be an exclusive House, but only because we only accept the brightest and most exciting students; your blood status is of no concern. If the Sorting Hat sends you here, know that you are worthy of outstanding achievements. The Dark Lord has added a fair share of mistrust to Slytherin from other Houses. However, the common belief that no dark wizard is not a Slytherin is a disgraceful fake. There are dark and vicious wizards from other Houses as well. People seem to forget about them. Besides, how would you expect Slytherins to be friendly to other Houses when they claim us as “bad” by default? We are naturally not as outgoing and extroverted as Hufflepuff, for example, and the daily hatred towards us is not the best conversation starter. Thus, we keep to ourselves and fiercely protect the small family that we have. 

Slytherin best

 Just as any other House, Slytherin has quite a few members to be proud of. Most of our alumni have become highly successful in the wizarding world. We are proud of the numerous great wizards and witches of old and the new prospecting additions alike. Among the most notable of them are: 

Horace Slughorn

 This Hogwarts teacher spots brilliant students with the eye of an eagle. He is a respected professor with years of perfect reputation behind him. Students come to him for advice and get wise directions on how to succeed. He has taught many a great wizard over the years. 

Regulus Black

 This member of House Black is highly underestimated. While everybody stands his older brother Sirius, Regulus remains in his shade despite great intelligence, Quidditch achievements, and one of the bravest deeds in Slytherin’s history. This young man has risked everything (even his life) to defeat Voldemort; and managed to secure one of the Horcruxes even upon his death. 

Severus Snape

 Yes, Snape is not perfect and all good. But he also sacrificed a great deal in the memory of his love, which was strong enough to change his Patronus! This is the man whose love runs deeper than his own wishes. There is only one word that can do him justice: Always. You may also like to test your knowledge in this Gryffindor Quiz, Ravenclaw Quiz

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