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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 8 months ago
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Seinfeld is the last-century classic of sitcoms. It was in the era when people were watching TV most evenings. And you had to wait for a specific time to watch the new episodes of your favorite show.

At that time, each episode was an awaited one! If you are here for this quiz, I’m sure you are already a big fan and would like to prove just how well you know the series. Am I right? And I hope you get a high score as well!

The trivia here is not the hardest, but I’ve tried to choose only the most interesting facts about the main characters. Plus, you’ll find some questions about minor people in the show, but all of them are notable and recurring.

I hope you enjoy this Seinfeld quiz! If you find this trivia too easy and want a boost up, please, let me know so I can add some hardcore trivia and make challenging questions.

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For now, let’s enjoy some interesting facts about the show that not all fans know!
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Interesting Seinfeld Facts 

Not a Series 

Not many fans know that Seinfeld was not planned to be a multi-season series at first. Instead, the creators planned it as a feature-length show broadcasted once in the time slot of Saturday Night Live. 

The concept and script were so great that producers decided to change it to ongoing series. And that was a wise decision! Look at how famous it is now. Seinfeld is always listed in the top TV show rankings of all time! 

Real Kramer 

There is a real Kramer somewhere in New York. The show’s character was created based on Larry David’s real neighbor Kenny Kramer.
At first, he was written under a code name “Kessler,” but the rl neighbor later permitted to use his name. And decent profit since that for his name! Jason Alexander There is one episode in the whole series where Jason Alexander is absent.

This is the episode of Jerry and Elaine visiting the former’s parents. The actor was distraught that this meant the end of his contract and asked the author to only “do it permanently” next time if he were excluded.
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Elaine was Claire

Initially, the female lead was a completely different character. She was Claire and was working as a waitress.
The guys would be visiting her work often, and she advised them on their coffee choices. Later, she was changed for Elaine and given more involvement in the series.

Now, she is the actual lead instead of just an occasional female character in the show. These are all facts for today. I hope you’ve found them interesting and found out something about the sitcom.

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