Can You Get 100% on This Supernatural Quiz?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 4 months ago
 Top 5 Supernatural Seasons: 
  1. Season 3
  2. Season 2
  3. Season 1
  4. Season 4
  5. Season 5
Yes, this is basically the top five that consists of only the show’s first five seasons. However, the show’s first half was my favorite, and these specific seasons have left a charming feeling in my heart. These are the seasons I’ve seen the most times and still love each episode! I believe that the general public opinion coincides with my personal rating and these particular seasons have the highest rating among all the seasons. I’d also like to know what your top Supernatural seasons are?

Dive into the supernatural realm with our quiz, testing your knowledge to earn that perfect score. And when you're ready for a change of pace, tackle the shameless trivia for a wild ride into a different kind of drama!

Do you like the Kripke era the most? Or are you a fan of the latest seasons? I’d like to read your list in the comments section, and we’ll discuss which parts are the best! Now, let’s talk more about this quiz. 

What Is This Supernatural Quiz About?

supernatural trivia quiz
First of all, I’d like to mention that this one is a trivia quiz that will test your knowledge of the show’s little and big facts. Obviously, many of the questions focus on the five main seasons I’ve mentioned before. I’m sure you remember the initial “uncomplicated” episodes of the show. 

Well, at least not as complicated as some of the later seasons. Even though they were released so long ago, the current streaming services keep all the best moments so fans can reach them anytime. The questions can concern anything that happens in the show. There is no rule as to what type of trivia facts can be asked here. You have to know everything! 

The Best Minor Supernatural Character Quiz

supernatural trivia facts
There are several minor characters that I love just as much as the main recurring cast. They add some spice to the series and are just so charismatic. 


 You may hate or you may love him, but you cannot remain cold to him. The actor has done a magnificent job portraying the charismatic demon who’s been the best frenemy to the Winchesters. Throughout the series, Crowley has been growing more and more in his role and the space in my heart! I only wish we had to see even more episodes with this enigmatic demon. 

Anna Milton

 Anna was in the series only for a short time, but her role in the story was rather important. At that stage, angels were a rarity, and we couldn’t imagine who she really was. For me, it was a big surprise. She was not the perfect kind angel, but they rarely are in this show. However, I still remember her after all these years. That’s what I call an impact. 


 If you think now “where is Bobby?” He’s absent because I consider him one of the main characters! And here I’ve decided to place the beloved fan’s trickster. This character has really tricked the audience several times. He plays an essential role in the events and is simply an entertaining character! Any episode that features him is doomed for success! If you are a fan of popular TV shows, I believe you'll like The Big Bang Theory Trivia quiz as well. 

Can You Get 100% on This Supernatural Quiz? Questions

supernatural trivia What was the name of The Yellow-Eyed Demon?
  • Azazel

  • Balthazar

  • Beelzebub

  • Asmodeus

supernatural trivia Which of these characters was not among "the special children"?
  • Andrew Gallagher

  • Max Miller

  • Sam Winchester

  • Jack Kline

supernatural trivia Who's killed most angels: Dean or Sam?
  • Dean

  • Sam

supernatural trivia Which character has died the most times?
  • Castiel

  • Sam

  • Dean

  • John

supernatural trivia Who's created the First Blade?
  • Cain

  • Abel

  • Lucifer

  • God

supernatural trivia True or false: All bearers of the Mark of Cain had it on the right arm.
  • true

  • false

supernatural trivia Where do the Winchester boys have their anti-possession tattoos?
  • on their abdomen

  • chest

  • left arm

  • shoulders

supernatural trivia Which of these angels has proclaimed themselves a new God?
  • Michael

  • Gabriel

  • Castiel

  • Raphael

supernatural trivia Metatron mentions that he's made God laugh before. How many times?
  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

  • 5

supernatural trivia What was the real name of Crowley?
  • John

  • Dean

  • Elijah

  • Fergus

supernatural trivia Why does Mary agree to Azazel's deal?
  • to safe her father

  • to resurrect John

  • to become fertile

  • to heal Sam

supernatural trivia In what year was Winchesters' Impala produced?
  • 1960

  • 1967

  • 1973

  • 1979

supernatural trivia What common household product keeps ghosts at bay?
  • salt

  • sugar

  • pepper

  • cloves

supernatural trivia Which of these methods will not put a ghost to rest?
  • reading exorcism scripts

  • getting another ghost to kill it

  • destroying the haunted object

  • resolving its issues

supernatural trivia Which of the Four Horsemen do Winchesters face first?
  • Pestilence

  • Famine

  • War

  • Death

supernatural trivia What's the name of human blood that has been infected with the leviathans' corn syrup mixture meant to dumb all humans down?
  • Levi-sugar

  • Leviathan weed

  • Vamptonite

  • Poisonous Bloody

supernatural trivia Who are stronger these days: archangels or pagan gods?
  • archangels

  • pagan gods

supernatural trivia What was the last deity to be killed by the Colt?
  • alternate Lucifer

  • Lucifer

  • Dagon

  • Moloch

supernatural trivia Where does Amara have the Mark of Cain placed?
  • right arm

  • left arm

  • neck

  • chest

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