The Summer I Turned Pretty Characters: Which One Are You?

By: Ira Kurylenko
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The summer I turned pretty is a 2022 TV drama that has gained tremendous popularity among teens and young adults. This is a “coming of age” story that encompasses the worry and excitement of first love as well as complex family dynamics. 

This series shows you the magic of summer months through the lengths of youth. This is truly the perfect time to embrace the scorching sun, gentle breeze of the seaside, and the butterflies of first love. If you are a fan of romantic drama and love triangles, this is a perfect show for you! 
The cast of talented young actors made us fall in love with characters. No matter how flawed they may be, the audience would worry about their love life as maturing as if it were them in those complex situations.
Discover your 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' alter ego in our character quiz, then test your wits with the shameless  quiz—because summer secrets and shameless trivia make for the perfect combo!

If you’ve come to like the cast of the show, you probably wonder which character is the closest to you. Which The Summer I Turned Pretty Character Are You? This is what we’ve come to uncover in this quiz! Are you ready to embrace this personality test? Even if it means you might not be suitable for the role of your favorite character? 

The Summer I Turned Pretty Characters 

the summer I turned pretty

Isabella is the main character, so we see the biggest growth in her. At the beginning, she’s still retained her childhood innocence and self-involvement. She does obsess about her love life a bit too much, but she also grows to embrace her love and support for family. She is the main character in her life. 


Jeremiah is a possible love interest for everybody. He is outgoing, expressive, and is seemingly an open book. He is popular and easy-going. Though, behind a bit “shallow” exterior, he is rather sensitive and deep. He does not hide this side per se, but only the closest people get to know it. 


Conrad is somewhat a typical love interest in a teen story. He is moody and closed off. He seems cold and a bit of a “bad boy” who you just have to fix. And as the canonical love stories go, the bad boy hides his deep feelings and thoughts to be uncovered by the main girl. Conrad has a kind soul but prefers to protect it behind the hard shell. 


Unlike in the books, the TV show decided to include Steven in more of the story. This way, we do get a look at the sarcastic nature of the brother. He is snarky and bickers with Belly as if they were the same age. However, considering that this is his last carefree summer before college, let him! Steven, unexpectedly, combine his book smarts with impulsiveness and childish behavior. 


Shayla is the beloved secondary character of the series. She is confident, funny, and loves fashion. Shayla is often the cool guide for Belly in unfamiliar situations. This character is probably the friend that we all need! 

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