What Cat Breed Am I?

By: Ira Kurylenko
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A cat is a very popular choice of animal for a pet. Most people do have a cat in their house at least once in their lives. They have been our faithful companions for millennia. We do consider them family and treat them as our own kids.
In this quiz, you have a chance to see what breed you would be. An interesting turn on being a "cat person" or a "dog person", right?
cat breeds
If asked whether you would like to be a house cat in your next life, would you agree? Most people would love such an easy life of sleeping, playing, being fed, and petted. If your answer is yes as well, this is your chance to find out exactly what breed you would be! After all, cats do have very distinct personalities, just like people.

Charismatic Cat Breeds

Maine Coon

what cat breed am i
The Maine Coon is a big and self-important cat. It is usually rather affectionate with its owner but is more careful around strangers. Its massive size and wild hissing can be scarier than the cat actually is. They are wild cats and need freedom but also demand affection.


what is my cat's breed quiz

A Persian is a lovely breed for those who are looking for elegance and majestic beauty. A Persian is the star of the household. It demands freedom and its personal time. Some will sit on your lap, others won’t. Persians may be more reserved than other breeds, but they are loving cats with their family. They are highly independent but enjoy affection (if it’s on their terms though).


what breed of cat am i

Burmese cats are lovely, playful, and energetic. They will run around playing with different toys the whole day given the chance. Their acrobatic skills are impressive! Burmese cats are highly curious and can follow you around both for non-stop affection and curiosity.

European Shorthair

what cat breed am i
What’s the stereotypical breed when you think of a “cat”? It’s probably the widespread European Shorthair. And their popularity is not surprising - these are loving and affectionate cats. They have a well-balanced personality that makes them a universal choice for any family. Europeans are very faithful and often like to sit on your lap, casually purring. They are also rather intelligent.


what cat breed am i
A Sphynx is kind of a cute peach of a cat! They are not naked in reality; they do have a short soft fluff all over. Personality-wise, they are a bit silly and playful. And while the media has shown them as fierce hissing beasts numerous times, they are more laid-back and love lap time! Give them time and make them the center of attention. Also, they eagerly learn tricks!
These are just some of the most charismatic cat breeds popular for domestication. Of course, there are dozens of other interesting cat breeds, but when it comes to personality, we believe that these are the most charming and distinct.

What Cat Breed Am I? Questions

what breed of cat am i How fast do you "warm up" to new people?
  • really fast, I'm an easy-going person

  • it depends on the person, how well we connect

  • I'm not really good with people, need a bit of time

  • I'm terrible with new people

what breed of cat am i Are you more of an indoor person or do you enjoy spending time outdoors?
  • indoor

  • outdoor

what cat am i Are you vegan?
  • yes

  • no

what breed of cat am i Would you say that you are a loyal person?
  • yes, I'm very loyal

  • only to those who deserve my loyalty

  • kinda?

  • not really

what breed of cat am i Netflix and Chill or go on an adventure?
  • Netflix and Chill

  • adventure!

what breed of cat am i Do you have a preference for a specific climate or weather?
  • yes, I prefer colder climates

  • yes, i prefer warmer climates

  • I don't really care that much

  • nope, as long as there is no extreme hot or cold

what breed of cat am i Do you like being the center of attention?
  • yes, I enjoy it!

  • I don't mind it

  • only for a short bit

  • no, I prefer to stay in the background

what breed of cat am i What clothes style do you prefer?
  • something elegant and sophisticated

  • smart casual

  • something edgy and trendy

  • it just has to be comfortable!

what breed of cat am i Would you rather invite friends to hang out in your house or go visit them in theirs?
  • in my house

  • in theirs

what breed of cat am i Are you more independent or codependent?
  • independent

  • codependent

what breed of cat am i Are you a clean and organized individual or a bit more laid-back about tidiness?
  • an organized clean-freak

  • more laid-back

what breed of cat am i Are you more independent in decision-making or easily influenced by others?
  • fully independent

  • easily influenced

  • somewhere in-between? maybe both

  • I have no idea!

what breed of cat am i Are you a picky eater?
  • yes, very much so

  • just a bit

  • I do have strong preferences but will eat most things

  • no, I'm not a picky eater

what breed of cat am i How do you manage your stress?
  • I eat stress away

  • I vent out to my close ones

  • physical activity helps me

  • I cannot manage if effectively

what breed of cat am i Finally, are you extraverted or introverted?
  • extraverted

  • introverted

what breed of cat am i How do you show affection to your close ones?
  • it's all about physical touch

  • just being present, be there for them!

  • I tell them how I love them

  • actions are louder then words; be of help

what breed of cat am i Would you rather be a house cat or a wild cat in your next life?
  • wild cat

  • house cat

what breed of cat am i How well do you adapt to new environment?
  • I adapt easy and fast

  • I'd say well most of them time

  • It takes a bit of time for me

  • not well, it's hard for me

what breed of cat am i Are you an adventurous person?
  • yes, I live for the thrill

  • I like having adventures once in a while

  • not that much but there are a couple of adventurous things I've done

  • nope, I don't like that adrenaline rush

what breed of cat am i Do you like cuddles?
  • absolutely!

  • only with my partner

  • short ones, I need to move around!

  • I'm not really a cuddles person

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