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By: Ira Kurylenko
Created: 5 months ago
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The Owl House is a Disney channel cartoon series that focuses on the protagonist so relatable to many of us. Luz is a friendly girl who dreams of learning magic. Aren’t we all? However, unlike our dreams of magic, hers does come true. 
As she is transported through a portal to another realm, she gets new friends and enemies. And new adventures, of course. 
If you’ve been eager to learn magic alongside Luz and her friends, this quiz is exactly for you. In this short personality test, you’ll find out a rather important detail of the world - which owl house characters are you. 
Do you already have someone in mind? Let’s see whether your intuition is right and you definitely match one of your favorite characters of the show. 

Owl House Characters 

owl house quizzes
The series features a number of characters with a variety of personality types. Thus, most of us can find someone to relate to. Maybe, you are just like the protagonist - bubbly for your next adventure. Or are you an antagonist who likes power and would do anything to reach their goals? 
If you answer the quiz truthfully and open up about your dreams, wants, and thoughts, we’ll match you with the owl house character correctly. and, next time when watching the series, you’ll be watching that particular character with a heightened interest. 

Owl House Realm 

The world featured in Owl House is truly magical. It combines the otherworldly dreams of fantasy fiction enthusiasts with the beautiful and macabre sceneries appreciated by the searching eye. Boiling Isles, in particular, features an exciting array of witches and demons alike. Wouldn’t you want to live in such a magically-abundant world? 
Of course, as any world gifted with supernatural powers, The Demon Realm has its own powerful antagonists and villains. Whether you’d be fighting them or joining their company is entirely up to you.
owl house quizzes

Owl House Themes 

Owl House explores several themes throughout its episodes. One prominent theme is self-discovery and identity. The main character, Luz, embarks on a journey of self-discovery as she navigates a magical realm and learns more about herself and her abilities.
Friendship is another significant theme. Luz forms close bonds with other characters, such as Eda and King, emphasizing the importance of friendship in overcoming challenges.
The series also delves into the idea of breaking societal norms and challenging established systems. Luz challenges the conventions of the magical world she finds herself in, questioning traditions and pushing for change.

Owl House Quiz 

This particular Owl House Quiz consists of 20 questions, with 4 offered answers each. You can choose only one of them. The one that matches your feelings and experiences the best. 
The only thing we are asking is you being truthful. Choose the first answer that comes to mind or the one closest to your feelings. 
Are you ready? If you are, then what are you waiting for? Start the quiz to find your Owl House character match! 

Which The Owl House Character Are You? Questions

which owl house character are you If you discovered a secret portal to another magical realm, what would be your first instinct?
  • jump right in!

  • examine it carefully and study info about portals

  • do not touch it!

  • send someone else first to check if it's safe

which owl house character are you What would you be most interested in when stuck in Boiling Isles?
  • uncovering its mysteries

  • finding new friends

  • embarking on an adventure

  • acquiring new knowledge

which owl house character are you Would you form alliances with other magical beings on the Boiling Isles?
  • absolutely! strength is in numbers

  • only with a couple of really useful and powerful ones

  • probably not right away, I'm don't trust people easily

  • nah, I'll be looking for someone to command, not ally with

which owl house character are you How would you defeat your enemy?
  • gather the whole army to fight them

  • with a small team of a few trusted allies

  • infiltrate their ranks and destroy them from within

  • come up with a plan and find a trusted leader to lead it

which owl house character are you If you discovered a hidden magical artifact, what would you do with it?
  • use it for my personal gain

  • go researching it right away

  • give it to the experts in the field

  • try using it carefully after a quick research and only use when it's truly needed

which owl house character are you If faced with a moral dilemma, you...
  • be indecisive; probably would not choose anything, it's too hard

  • choose an option that benefits me the most

  • choose the option that's the kindest and least confrontational

  • it depends, probably do the most rational thing, do not let my feelings control it

which owl house character are you In the face of a magical curse, how would you approach breaking it?
  • find an expert curse breaker

  • I can break it on my own, I just need to study it

  • ask my friends for help

  • if I was cursed? I'd be too afraid and depressed to find a solution

which owl house character are you Do you like the magical school system on the Boiling Isles?
  • yes, I think it's great; would love to attend!

  • it's not perfect but I can support traditions

  • I'm a bit disappointed in the practices, tbh

  • it's a disaster and I'd use it for my gain

which owl house character are you If you were given an opportunity, would you travel to another world to learn magic?
  • yes

  • no

which owl house character are you How would you react a powerful magical creature in the wild?
  • I hope it's friendly, I'd like to be friends

  • be cautious and try to get away from it asap

  • attack it before it attacks me

  • observe its behavior, can it help you in any other way?

which owl house character are you If you found yourself in a magical duel, what type of spells would you be most likely to use?
  • AoE: targeted on an area

  • use supportive skills to help my allies and weaken the enemy

  • direct powerful damage to a single target

  • I'd use spells that grant me stealth and allow to defeat enemy discreetly

which owl house character are you If you were to organize a magical event in Hexside School, what event would it be?
  • a music festival

  • an event for people to showcase their creativity and passion (DIY, arts, fan gatherings)

  • a camp trip/hiking trail or something to do with nature

  • an intellectual event, bootcamp, etc.

which owl house character are you Which "race" present on Boiling Isles would you rather be?
  • a witch

  • a demon

  • a hybrid!

which owl house character are you You are to face a magical trial to save the world, what are your thoughts?
  • is it too late to flee?

  • I can do that!

  • I can do that...right?

  • why me?

which owl house character are you Day of Unity: your thoughts?
  • I'd do everything to prevent it

  • I'd be a villain and support it

which owl house character are you If you were living in the Demon Realm for a year already and found a portal back to our world, would you return?
  • yes

  • no

which owl house character are you If you were to create your own magical potion, what would be its main effect?
  • invisibility

  • increase of physical abilities

  • healing

  • some kind of poison

which owl house character are you Who of these characters do you like the most?
  • Amity

  • Emperor Belos

  • The Collector

  • Willow

which owl house character are you Which season do you like best?
  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • no idea, I like them all equally

which owl house character are you Are you an emotional or rational person?
  • emotional

  • rational

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