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By: Denis Priesnov
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Does he like me? That is the question that many girls and boys ask at least once in their lives. Love is a deep feeling that confuses many, even scientists. At the same time, it is a crucial part of our lives. Recognizing mutual sympathy is the first step towards dating. So, how do you know if he likes you back or not? Simply check for the following signs. 

Eye contact

 If a person likes you, they indeed try to catch your eyes. Even if they are shy, you’ll notice him staring, lost in thoughts. And those are all about you! Often, a person will stare at you secretly and avert eyes when caught. But it just means that they have not gathered her courage yet. Try to be helpful and catch the eyes of your love! Or, better, ask him out. I’m sure he’ll appreciate your straightforwardness. 

Physical contact

How to tell if a guy likes you? Pay attention to his hands! Those innocent touches may be his way of getting closer to you. Don’t you want to hold his hand yourself? If you notice that he shifts closer to you whenever you are around, that he hugs you and touches your hands more often than anyone else’s, take this as a sign that he likes you. And this rule is applicable for all genders. Physical closeness is essential to everybody. 


 While he may literally flex his muscles to impress you whenever the opportunity arises, he’ll also show off his skills. Be careful not to confuse it with simple boasting and egocentrism. He’ll tell you about his achievements and will be proud of them but not too vocal. If you genuinely like him, recognize his achievements and raise him. 

Genuine interest

 A person who likes you would want to learn everything about you, from your childhood to secret dreams. If the man is open with you and asks personal questions about you, it is one of the many signs that he likes you. Considering this genuine interest, you’ll find the best listener in him. If the man is attentive and participates in conversation without overshadowing you, he likes you. That or he may just have good manners, but that will only increase your feeling towards him, right? 

That “Boyfriend” question

 This is probably the direct way he’ll tell you that he likes you without the actual phrase - he’ll ask whether you have a boyfriend. Why is he interested in this little detail? That should be obvious. If you are the first to ask this question, he’ll surely direct it back at you. And this is the perfect way to express that mutual interest. Are these signs enough to be 100% sure that he likes you? No, there is no such guarantee. Many of the signals may be expressed by close friends, or the boy/man maybe just too shy to show his feelings. These are just the small hints that will tell you to look closer at the general behavior. This Does he like me quiz will highlight them! Be sure to compare how he behaves around you and other friends. 

Does He Like Me? Relationship Quiz Questions

does he like me quiz Does he initiate physical contact?
  • yes, often

  • sometimes

  • only friendly gestures

  • no

does he like me quiz Has he told you personal details about his childhood?
  • I know them already, we grew up together

  • yes, a few funny stories

  • yes, we've shared many stories from the past

does he like me quiz Has he ever asked whether you have a boyfriend?
  • yes!

  • we are often together, he doesn't need to ask

  • no

  • I asked him about a girlfriend first

does he like me quiz Do you hug as a greeting?
  • always

  • only when I initiate it

  • yes, sometimes

  • no

does he like me quiz Have you ever caught him staring?
  • more than once or twice

  • only a couple of times

  • caught? he stares at me in the open!

  • never

does he like me quiz Has he ever done something embarrassing just to help you or cheer you up?
  • yes, a several occasions

  • a couple of times

  • once, but I'm not sure it was for me

  • no

does he like me quiz Who is the first to move away when you are hugging?
  • I

  • he

  • I don't pay attention to that

  • nobody moves away until something important comes up

does he like me quiz Does he wear his best outfits when meeting you?
  • yes, always

  • sometimes

  • no

  • we both dress like beggars and enjoy perfectly matching

does he like me quiz Does he know and remember your B-Day?
  • yes

  • i've told him but he doesn't remember when it is

  • I know his birthday but he doesn't know mine

  • we haven't shared such information before

does he like me quiz When you flirt with other people, is he jealous?
  • yes, clearly jealous

  • I see some signs

  • he doesn't care

  • I don't pay attention to him when I flirt with others

  • flirt? how can I be flirting with others when he's my soulmate!?

does he like me quiz Does he tease you?
  • yes, he can be rather cruel

  • yes. often, but in a friendly way

  • sometimes to make me blush

  • we tease each other all the time and it is quite funny

does he like me quiz Have you noticed that he's leaning towards you when you two speak?
  • yes

  • no

  • we are always close either way

does he like me quiz Does he listen to you attentively?
  • yes, always

  • most of the time, yes

  • no, he's a bad listener

does he like me quiz Do you know many of his childhood stories?
  • yes, we grew up together (at least, I grew up!)

  • many stories

  • some

  • unfortunately, not many stories

  • OMG, I know nothing about him!!!

does he like me quiz Do you make plan a vacation together in the upcoming years?
  • yes, and we'll travel together to all those locations

  • not yet, too early

  • We are comgortable togther even without travels

does he like me quiz How often does he stare on his phone when speaking with you?
  • very often

  • sometimes, when there's something important

  • very rarely

  • almost never, he is super attentive

does he like me quiz How often so you chat (both online and in person)?
  • every day

  • almost every day

  • a few times a week

  • a few times a month or so

does he like me quiz Does he take care of you when you get sick?
  • yes

  • no

  • he only cheers me up on phone

does he like me quiz Does he call you when drunk?
  • yes, all the time

  • he has once or twice

  • no, never

does he like me quiz Does he appreciate your sense of humor?
  • well, he's always laughing

  • sure, we have a similar sense of humor

  • I don't think so

  • how should I know?

does he like me quiz Have you already developed some of each other's habits?
  • yes, quite a few

  • a couple of phrases

  • I have, not sure about him

  • can't think of any right now

does he like me quiz Do you feel comfortable around him?
  • no, I'm very nervous

  • it depends, I'm sometimes nervous

  • yes, I feel very comfortable

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