Hufflepuff House Quiz: Hard Edition

By: Denis Priesnov
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 This Hufflepuff quiz is meant to bring a bit of joy to your day and remind you that there are fellow Hufflepuffs out there always ready to help you in difficult times. If you are a friend in need, we will always come to you! If you feel lonely, just leave a comment under this quiz for a pleasant conversation with Potterheads. You know that we have lots in common! And while every Hogwarts House is unique and undeniably cool, Hufflepuff has the kindest students. Our hard-working nature makes us excel in many disciplines, contrary to the popular opinion that Hufflepuff students are not successful in life. In fact, you can find many notable historical wizards and witches studying in Hufflepuff. But this is not to boast, just to tell that the House of the badger welcomes you here. You are lucky to have many loyal friends if you enter our Common Room. 

Hufflepuff Nature

 The combination of all the traits that Helga Hufflepuff valued in her students turned out to be a potent mix! Her students were diligent and friendly, thus achieving great heights in studies and adult life. Throughout the years, the House’s kind nature and great acceptance have put a slight blemish on the House. Some people believe that Hufflepuff accepts all those losers who cannot get to other Houses. On the contrary, the Sorting Hat sends here a special kind of children but will not reject anyone who wishes to become a part of our family. (Except for one very notable case of Neville Longbottom. But, I believe that it knows the great potential that awaits Neville in Gryffindor. Besides, I also suspect that the Hat is a bit of a Seer or simply senses certain things and knows that Neville is destined for great deeds if he enters Gryffindor!) Among the Hufflepuff student body, you can find a variety of teens. Here, nobody asks your blood status! In Hufflepuff, a muggle-born is just as good as a pureblood. Though this House also has a fair share of pureblood families gravitating to it, there is no prejudice! Here, you get your reputation and make it by the deeds you do, not by your family’s history. 

Great Hufflepuffs

 Let’s take a look at several notable Hufflepuffs that can easily be fan-favorite: 

Newt Scamander

 I’m sorry, but I’m not putting Cedric before Newt (even if it is not a rating truly). Newt is adorable, skilled, and loves animals. Besides, he is cute even with his awkwardness. For me, he is the best Hufflepuff. 


 Okay. Here comes Cedric. He would easily become the Triwizard Champion if only Harry’s name wasn’t put in the Goblet. He is charming, friendly, popular, and powerful. 

Teddy Lupin

 Though we do not know Teddy that much, the few glimpses we have of him in the epilogue prove that the son of Tonks and Lupin is as cool as one would imagine! Now, after a bit of light reading (not Hermione-light), are you ready for this Harry Potter House quiz? And you try your skills in Ravenclaw Quiz, Gryffindor Quiz, and Slytherin Quiz

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