Soldier, Poet, King Quiz: Who Are You?

By: Ira Kurylenko
Updated: 8 months ago
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There are many tests online created to determine your personality. They range from the standard psychology-grade Myers & Briggs to the silly yet entertaining ones like “What Disney princess are you.” There are countless tests based on various fandoms, concepts, and even foods. And all of them show various aspects of your character, of your personality.
In this personality test, you will find out which of the following roles suits your character better: soldier, poet, or king. These three types are chosen to determine whether you are more logical or creative, a follower or a ruler, a lover or a hero. In addition, it brings a flair of medieval romanticism to our boring mundane lives. 

Poet, Soldier, King Quiz

Thus, I implore you to imagine the lives a few centuries back (the romanticized versions, no stench, dirt, or cholera) and try all of these roles to find which one would suit you best. This is the time to remember all those poems from school, Shakespear, historical and fictional heroes, Arthur, Lancelot, and so on. This setting can be realistic or a fantasy one, it’s up to you. You’ll just have to answer truthfully and to the best of your abilities. 
In the test, you’ll find 20 questions meant to highlight certain aspects of your personality that may play a role in determining your character type. All of them have 4 possible answers. All you have to do is choose the one (and only one) that suits your behavior the best. If there is no perfect match, choose the closest one; which seems applicable to you. 

And good luck! I hope you do find the answer to the question: who am I? What if you are a king in making? 

Soldier, Poet, King Personalities

soldier, poet, king test


This personality is more a follower than a ruler. A soldier strives for justice and takes its duties seriously. A soldier, or a knight, is all about honor and saving others. These people are dependable, grounded, and loyal. As loyalty is one of the most appreciated qualities in a soldier. I’d call you knight and grant you the honor of joining the King’s council. If it were up to me!


On the opposite end of a Soldier is a King. This is the ruler. And whether or not you are a successful ruler remains unknown for now. This type of personality strives to be in control everywhere all the time and enjoys a bit of attention. A ruler might be a bit narcissistic but usually to a healthy degree. You have the power to be a leader, would you take it though?


A poet is an easy-going person in tune with their emotions. This person is empathetic and usually led by their heart instead of mind. But that doesn’t necessarily equate to being hot-headed. Poets’ thoughts are deep and may bring the logical stopper to their emotions. But not always, and not guaranteed! 

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