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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 7 months ago
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Top That 70s Show characters: 
  • Fez 
  • Donna 
  • Kitty
These are my top three characters in the show. I know the inclusion of a secondary character may seem strange, but I really like how caring and hilarious Kitty can be at times. There are no perfect characters in this series, mainly because they are rebellious teens, but Kitty is the most likable, even with all that “generational gap” thing. As for the other two, do I even need to explain? I think not! Also, I’d like to hear your character rankings.

Gear up for a trip down memory lane with our 'That '70s Show' Trivia! Test your knowledge on all things groovy, and after you've nailed the retro vibes, why not keep the fun going with the shameless trivia quiz for a dose of unpredictable laughs?

I’m sure they are drastically different from mine. But that is the beauty of a show that depicts real life - tastes differ, and we do the same. I’d like to discuss your opinions and take a look at these characters from different sides! 

That 70s Show Quiz! 

that 70s show trivia
Now, we are here to complete a trivia quiz based on the facts and stories from the mentioned TV show. I’m not hardcore fans can ace it. 
But can you gain a 100% result? Which character will ruin your winning streak? That will probably be a recurring figure on the show! To complete this test successfully, you’ll have to remember all the episodes and the jokes of the series. And you’ll be able to show off your excellent trivia skills! 

By the way, when was the last time you watched the show? Back when it was on air? Or recently on Netflix or another streaming platform? I guess it can become a great “background” show for when you are cooking, cleaning, and so on. But only if you’ve watched it before! The first “watch-through” requires concentration. Besides, you’ll enjoy it this way more! 

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that 70s show quiz
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