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By: Ira Kurylenko
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Sexual preferences in humans are complex and can be influenced by a combination of biological, genetic, hormonal, psychological, social, and environmental factors. There is never just one factor that sets your ways for life either.

Our preferences tend to change with time. The major foundation of our sexuality remains intact but the minute details, habits, and preferences are ever-changing. 
As we try new things in life, we determine whether they are to our liking or not. 

One of the first preferences people determine in their sexually active life in the Top/Bottom dilemma. And many do solve it quickly with a bit of flexibility of being Switch. 

Usually, it’s quite easy to notice which role feels more natural for you. However, it’s not always as black and white. This is where this quiz comes in handy.

We do take a third-party look at your daily preferences and behaviours and translate them into a more intimate setting. In most cases, such small daily clues can tell a lot about the boudoir tendencies. But it’s not 100% accurate! Some people just switch to a whole new persona in the bedroom

Are You Top or Bottom Quiz

top or bottom quiz

Sexual preferences are built based on several factors, not just our physiological predispositions. In fact, “outside” influences are just as important when it comes to the development of habits. 

Thus, our intimate objective, preferences, and habits are formed based on the following factors: 
  1. Biological and Genetic Factors
  2. Hormonal Influences
  3. Neurological and Cognitive Factors
  4. Psychological Factors
  5. Social and Environmental Factors
  6. Personal Experiences
It's important to recognize that sexual preferences are not static and can be fluid over time for some individuals. 
The above mentioned factors all play a great role in shaping our sexuality. For some people, the neurological aspect plays a more significant role, for others, it might be social factors, or personal experiences. 

All are all different. Our bodies are complex mechanisms that have not been fully studied yet. 

As science cannot answer all our questions yet, not to mention find certain genes responsible for sexuality preferences, we can just explore ourselves. The surest way to become in tune with your personality is by trial and error. 

Of course, such sexuality quizzes can be of great help as well. They can nudge you in the right direction or give an objective summary of your personality tendencies. Provided you do answer truthfully. 

Disclaimer: Remember, these questions are just for fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously. Relationships are based on a multitude of factors beyond simple preferences. The most important thing is to communicate openly with your partner and ensure that both of your needs and desires are respected and fulfilled.

Are You Top or Bottom? Spicy Time! Questions

quiz top or bottom Would you say you are in tune with your sexuality?
  • yes, I feel it well

  • I'm still discovering

  • honestly, I'm bad at discovering myself

  • I haven't even started yet

quiz top or bottom if you were blindfolded right now, who would you rather have there with you
  • my partner ofc

  • a bff/family member for safety

  • I'd rather be alone

  • can't I just take it off?

quiz top or bottom Have you ever tried shibari?
  • yes, I liked being "shibaried"

  • I like "shibaring" somebody

  • I like it both ways

  • I don't like it either way

quiz top or bottom What's your preferred stress relief method?
  • I let go and just don't think; maybe binge some show or just lie in silence

  • physical activity helps

  • I try to switch to my hobby

  • my friends/family help

quiz top or bottom Is it easy for you to open up with your partner fully, to have complete trust in them?
  • yes, it's easy with the right person

  • I need some time, but I can do that for love

  • not easy for me

  • it's complicated

quiz top or bottom What's your ideal date night?
  • some day activities

  • dinner at a restaurant

  • stargazing on the beach

  • a home-cooked dinner

quiz top or bottom For your weekends, you prefer ...
  • a small trip somewhere outside my city

  • meeting with friends

  • mostly enjoying my hobbies, maybe visiting some creative places

  • just relaxing at home; reading, binging, etc

quiz top or bottom Do you have any particular kinks?
  • yep, quite a few of them

  • a couple

  • I may have one

  • nope

quiz Is your home routine organized or more sporadic? (like chores, cooking, self-care)
  • organized

  • sporadic

quiz top or bottom In a dance, do you usually lead or follow?
  • lead

  • follow

quiz top or bottom When it comes to romantic gestures, do you prefer to be on the receiving end or initiate something special?
  • receiving!

  • I'm the initiator

  • I like both equally

  • I'm not a romantic person at all

quiz top or bottom How about your confidence levels?
  • I'm very confident

  • I'd say I'm confident enough

  • it depends on the situation and people around

  • nope, not really confident

quiz top or bottom Okay then! Which of the following kinks seems more like your style?
  • BDSM

  • roleplay

  • edging

  • impact play

quiz top or bottom Do you consider yourself a good leader?
  • yep, I like being a leader

  • I can be a decent leader but that's not really my cup of tea

  • no, I'd be a terrible leader

  • I'm an okay leader

quiz top or bottom When going on a holiday, do you usually meticulously plan everything or go with the flow?
  • I prefer to plan everything myself

  • no, I just go with the flow

  • I like when it's all planed by my partner, I just enjoy it all

  • I can do both, usually try to find balance between the two

quiz top or bottom Are you more shy or outgoing?
  • shy

  • outgoing

quiz top or bottom Are you a highly emotional person?
  • yes, I'm very emotional

  • in certain situations, yes

  • not very emotional

  • I'm not sure

quiz top or bottom Do you prefer to receive or to deliver pleasure?
  • receive

  • deliver

  • I like both equally

  • hm, I need to think about it

quiz top or bottom Do you have a job where you have to make difficult decisions?
  • yes, and I enjoy it

  • yes, and I'm so tired of it

  • not really but I wish

  • no, and I prefer it that way

quiz top or bottom How do you feel about taking risks?
  • confident

  • doubtful

  • scared

  • cautious but enthusiastic

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