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By: Ana Rinkevich
Updated: 6 months ago
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Ever find yourself scratching your head over your approach to dating? Believe me, I completely understand - navigating the dating sphere can feel like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded.

It's a kaleidoscope of emotions and details. That's why I felt like Columbus discovering America when I came across the Smile Dating Test. This trending quiz doesn't just illuminate our custom-made dating styles and tendencies - it also boosts our comprehension of romance.

Intrigued enough to lean in closer? Let's unravel the charm this tantalizing test holds!
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What is the Smile Dating Test and Why It’s So Viral?

The Smile Dating Test is a playful, engaging quiz designed to explore your personality traits in the context of dating and relationships. It is an interactive tool that uses questions to tap into your romantic preferences, communication styles, and what makes you genuinely smile when it comes to love matters.

This test isn't about right or wrong answers. Instead, it shines a light on your romantic preferences and attitudes toward relationships. By examining what makes you smile in various dating experiences, the test reveals deeper aspects of your dating style and personal values.

The 16 Personalities as Smiles 

This test is based on Myers-Briggs personality types. Each of the 16 personalities can be likened to a unique smile. Just like smiles, dating styles vary from person to person. Some may have a flirty and playful grin, while others may have a more reserved and mysterious smirk:

· ENTJ/Gold: These people radiate authority and love to take charge in any situation they may come across. Challenges? Bring them on!
· ENTP/Rose red: In relationships and communication styles, you are open-minded communicators who love intellectual conversations.
· INFJ/Violet: Your introversion helps you focus on inner experiences. You prefer quality time with your partner to reflect and recharge.
· INFP/Lilac: You love exploring new ideas and possibilities, constantly seeking inspiration from the world around you.
· ENFJ/Rose gold: Your empathetic nature allows you to offer support and guidance when needed and you are driven by a genuine desire to help those around you.
· ENFP/Yellow: You make decisions based on your emotions and value harmonious relationships with your partner.
· ISTJ/Grey: This type is known for being independent, responsible, and detail-oriented. You thrive in structured environments where attention to detail is crucial.
· ISFJ/White: You tend to be quiet and reserved in social situations, preferring to listen rather than speak up. Your attention to detail and strong sense of responsibility make you a reliable partner.
· ESTJ/Brown: This personality type is known for being practical, organized, and dependable. In relationships, you value loyalty and reliability above all else.
· ESFJ/Pale pink: Being a feeling type means that you make decisions based on your values and emotions. You prioritize harmony and seek to create a positive atmosphere in your interactions with others.
· ISTP/Earth tones: These are independent and original individuals who value their freedom. They have an analytical and logical mindset, always seeking to understand how things work.
· ISFP/Turquoise: You have a strong sense of empathy and tend to be highly attuned to emotions, both your own and your partner’s. When it comes to decision-making, you rely on your gut instincts rather than logical analysis.
· ESTP/Cherry red: Your extraverted nature means you gain energy from social interactions. You are adventurous and spontaneous, especially in love relationships.
· ESFP/Orange: These individuals are often described as fun-loving, spontaneous, and enthusiastic. They have a natural ability to connect with people and make them feel comfortable in their presence.
· INTJ/Deep purple: These are independent thinkers who love to explore new ideas. They rely on their intuition and logical thinking to analyze information and solve problems.
· INTP/Galaxy palette: This type is known for its independent and original thinking. They rely on careful analysis and logical reasoning to understand the world around them.
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What Can the Smile Dating Test Reveal?

The Smile Dating Test can reveal insights into your dating personality, including your strengths and vices, desires and preferences in relationships, and how to use the test for self-discovery and improving relationships.

So unleash your inner dating guru and discover your unique dating style with the Smile Dating Test. Dive into the world of smiles, personalities, and relationships as you explore what makes you tick in the dating world!

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