Which JoJo Character Are You?

By: Ira Kurylenko
Updated: 6 months ago
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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures is an iconic manga and anime series with millions of fas around the world. It has become the source of memes, cosplay, and countless parodies. 
Every fan wants to dive deep into the captivating world of JoJo’s! And this is your opportunity to become one of the main characters! This JoJo quiz is tailored to match a charismatic character from the series to your personality to create the perfect match. Enjoy! 

Which JoJo Character Are You? 

JoJo characters
Admittedly, the series features dozens of memorable characters. And we all love multiple, of course. Some, we love to hate. Others, we hate to love. So, here’s the top ten list of the most notable characters of the series! 

Jonathan Joestar 

Jonathan has a pure soul that strives to be the true gentleman. He is courageous and has strong beliefs. Jonathan is extremely loyal to his friends and is not afraid to fight evil or injustice if need be. 

Dio Brando 

JoJo quiz
Dio is manipulative and cunning in his search for power. He is a villain we hate to love. Dio is charismatic as any good villain should be! He enjoys the position of power and likes to command attention.

Jotaro Kujo 

Jotaro is aloof and can be a baddie. However, deep inside, he has a kid heart and values his friends to a fault. If you think that Jotaro is perpetually annoyed, you’d be right, but he’d also save your ass! 

Will Anthonio Zeppeli

One of many Zeppelis, Will Anthonio is confident but quirky. He is fighting injustice even with his strong will alone to guide him. He is often silly than explosive the next moment. 

Giorno Giovanna

This poor lad’s life has not been all smiles and flowers. His childhood was an uhappy one.  As a result, he’s learned to make hard decisions even in times of anger, pain, or sorrow. Giorno has his goals set and would do anything to achieve them. 


JoJo quiz
Josuke does look like a delinquent at first glance. Combined with crude speech and explosiveness, he can be rather frightening. But that’s the result of being open with his feelings. Josuke has a friendly personality and a place for kindness in his heart. He makes friends easily with his open personality.


Diavolo is yet another memorable villain of the story. In his goal to erase his past, he does inexplicable things. He won’t hesitate to hunt you and kill you if you cross him. Diavolo is eve willing to kill his own family for the sake of hiding his past! 

Jean Pierre Polnareff

Polnareff is passionate and quite hot-headed. Just like Jonathan, he strives to remain honorable and avenge his loved ones. Polnareff may seem arrogant, but that’s due to his impulsiveness and bluntness. 

Jolyne Cujoh

Sadly, the only woman on this list, Jolyne, is a memorable character! She manages to combine ruthlessness with a kind heart, stubbornness with intelligence, and all our love and admiration. We would all benefit from at least a fraction of her confidence. 

Bruno Bucciarati

Just like many characters in the series, Vruno is righteous and kind. However, he hides it behind his sly exterior of a gangster! Bruno is nice to most people but can be brutal with his enemies, even risking his own life to fight them! 

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